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Isis Therapy Training

Sarah Brookes
Registered Hypnotherapist (GHR & GHSC), C.H. Dhyp (Clinical Hypnotherapy),

C.H. D. Plreg (Past Life Regression Therapy), Ba Hons, PGCE, D32, D33, D34, Dip.Counselling,

Dip. Life Coaching, Reiki Master Teacher. NHS Trust Association Directory of Complimentary Therapists.
Location: Distance Learning

Ref No: 917
Colour Therapy
100% Home Study (Distance Learning)
Colour Therapy is a holistic and non invasive, pain free and powerful therapy whose origins date back thousands of years. Colour in its simple form is light of varying wavelengths. Our bodies depend on light and we operate as a prism. When sun shines onto our body the "white" light creates the rainbow of colours which fragments equally into our seven main chakras or energy centres. This light energy affects all living cells, we all know that without light all living things are affected. Used in the right way these varying frequencies of light, i.e. colour can have a profound and healing effect. Colour Therapy can be used for a variety of issues, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It can be used for specific problems or just for an overall relaxing experience. Colour Therapy can be used effectively and safely on its own or in conjunction with other therapies such as crystal healing or Reiki. We all have our favourite colours and colours we don't particularly like. There are reasons for this. We have life experiences all the time, these will involve colour. A negative life experience will make us dislike a particular colour just as a positive experience involving a particular colour will make us feel warmer to that colour. A strong aversion to a certain colour can imply that there is an imbalance in that particular area of the body. Our responses to colours can tell us a great deal about our personality and also about what is going on in our lives at that time, it also shows us what lessons we are learning and gives us help about how to reach our goals.
Course content:
* What colour is and the history of colour
* Subtle bodies, the chakra system and meridian system
* Electromagnetic spectrum including details of the colour spectrum of visible light
* How colour therapy works
* Methods of colour assessment and treatment
* Colour analysis, colour meditation and colour breathing
* Colour in the home and food
* Consultation and centering
* Colour and illness
* Preparation for your one day practical (optional)
Entry Requirement & Prerequisites: None
Course duration:
10 units home study, you have one year to complete this diploma
Assessment and Examination Method:
There will be continuous formative assessments taking place via email at the end of every single unit. Plus the option to upgrade to a full diploma (payment of 50 will be required, upgrade requires case study evidence or a day with a tutor at a training centre)

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