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Russell Potts
Russell Potts certified as a NLP & Hypnosis Trainer
Location: Lewes E SUSSEX
Free parking is available and a train station is located a short distance from the venue.

Russell knows hypnosis in great depth and is able to convey and demonstrate in a way that meets the needs of the students learning requirements. He teaches in a structured way yet is also flexible to meet each groups learning requirement. Russell has taught with well known people in the field and likes to teach both classical and Ericksonian approaches since he has specialised in teaching the work of Elman & Erickson as well as other influential legends in the field. His ability to model and distill is greatly beneficial to the students as he makes what is overwhelming of complex simple and easy to assimilate. He can show you the big picture as well as a farm by frame approach.

Ref No: 2345
Mastering the Application of Hypnotic Language
Learn the deep structure and application for facilitating change
New 2 Day Seminar October 2019 (date TBC)
This course is ideal for hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, consulting psychologists and NLP practitioners.
Regardless of the modality of talking therapy you are applying the purpose is to give old behaviours new choices for obtaining outcome The affective use of hypnotic language patterns offer new choice to the linguistic structure of the problem state resulting in the overcoming of limiting beliefs and new choices.
This course is designed to give a operational understanding of the cognitive pathways that hypnotic language engages and utilises. Therefore the practitioner can apply their interventions in a more tailored and precise way. This means that old limiting beliefs and responses become loosened and once the more resourceful ways of being have been discovered they can be strengthened.
This training takes hypnotic communication down to components which when understood and applied means that an intervention can be directly to the structure of the clients perception. You’ll also learn how to use the meta structure of hypnotic intervention which allows a far more flexible application ranging from a more casual conversation to a more formalised context. What you learn can be used in any psychotherapeutic, hypnotherapy or coaching context. You may use these learnings as a main intervention and or part of other pre and post interventions.
Interventions with primary & secondary awareness
Leveraging regressive cognitions into higher perception
Addressing perceptual flaws
Using the meta pattern change process
Using gestalt perceptual methods
Leveraging dissonance for inducing therapeutic trance
Shifting beliefs and behaviours
Addressing time orientated perception
State behaviour perceptual shifts
Mind emotion states
Language for change
Loosening limitation tightening resources dissolving restrictive boundaries

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Ref No: 2346
Advanced methods of Hypnotherapy
Unconscious Directives, Age Regression
Progression & Conflict Resolution
New 2 Day Seminar November 2019 (date TBC)
As you are already aware hypnotherapy has a broad range of different approaches ranging form simple script based interventions as well as imagery solution focused and more. In many approaches the wow factor of hypnosis has often been omitted and under-utilised in its resourceful potential. The underlying drivers for most undesired behaviours are unresolved emotions and conflicts many of which have a regressive emotional state from a earlier stage in life.
When you attend this course you'll learn how to use hypnosis as a resource and really prepare your client to make changes and to get to the root of the emotional responses that are driving unwanted behaviours and responses. Resulting in lasting transformational change.
You’ll learn how to use the powerful tool of age regression and age progression for resolution and as a resource. In addition this training also covers use of interpersonal and inner conflict resolution. The approaches taught are both systematic and directive and taught on a higher logical level for deeper understanding that enables the therapist to transcend over dependency on technique in favour of higher levels of understanding skill and perception.
Review of affective pre-framing & client education
Producing deep hypnosis
Having a client know they were hypnotised
Installing confidence
Neutralising the emotional source of client issues
Using regressive states
Meta level regression training
Age progression
Regression as a resource
Conflict resolution
Ego states negotiation
Connecting the dots with post hypnotic installation and triggers
& More

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