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Juliet Hollingsworth Hypnotherapy
Venue: The Royal Society of Medicine LONDON

Ref No: 2333
Hypnobirthing Practitioner Course
24 September 2019
We have just released the dates of our next hypnobirthing practitioner course. The course will take place at The Royal Society of Medicine in London, there are just ten places so please book early. Upon receipt of the deposit you will be sent your copy of Hypnobirth Yourselfso that you can take your time to read it, should you wish, prior to the course.
– Hypnobirthing training day
– A copy of Hypnobirth Yourself, the only widely available hypnobirthing book with a specific book for the birth partner too
– Comprehensive manual of all techniques, protocols, pre-talk and scripts
– Scripts for all hypnosis and a step by step guide that allows you to simply read from the page or tailor to your clients personally
– Take home support recording scripts
– All MP3 recordings to support the programme
– Free listing on the Fertility2Birth website
– Free invite to the community of fertility2birth hypnobirthing practitioners
– Obligation, no commitment free support whenever you need it
– The ability to be completely self sufficient as a business with no requirement to buy expensive materials from us for each new client
– Course certification
– Certification allows you to by copies of Hypnobirth Yourself at a discounted rate to sell on at a profit or give away to your clients
… And all for the price of just one new client (and you can easily charge more if you wish!)


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(Kate Beaven-Marks)
Venue: Royal Horseguards Hotel Westminster

Ref No: 2312
Self-hypnosis workshop
15th September 2019, 9.30am - 5pm
Learn self-hypnosis and gain greater control over your life! Anyone can attend this one-day highly practical self-hypnosis workshop. It will be of particular interest to anyone wishing to engage in personal or professional self-development. It will also be of relevance to anyone with an interest in hypnosis, and hypnotherapy; whether for self-help, becoming a practitioner, or already a therapist.
Perhaps you have already started using self-suggestion; yet found that a particular habit or belief isn’t easy to change. Your critical conscious mind can resist change. In self-hypnosis, you are able to bypass this ‘gate-keeper’ and have greater access to your subconscious mind, where you are better able to work with established habits and beliefs. In this workshop, you will learn how to use specific language to most effectively communicate with your subconscious mind. Applications include:
Build resources and resilience
Change your inner self-talk
Connect to your intuition and your ‘inner advisor’
Develop your emotional intelligence
Let go of mental clutter and develop a stronger focus on your goals
Manage chronic and acute pain
Optimise lifestyle management
Personal and professional development
Reduce stress
Refocus unhealthy eating habits to make healthier food choices
Release unhelpful habits, and develop healthier habits
This workshop can help you move beyond just problem-solving, into solution-focused achievement, supported by evidence-based principles and approaches.
By the end of the workshop, you will have gained an understanding of how, when and why you can use self-hypnosis, together with a range of practical skills to give you a ‘ready-to-use’ self-hypnosis toolbox for personal change and development. Topics include:
All about hypnosis:
What is hypnosis? Definitions, myths and misconceptions
The science of hypnosis; how it works
Meditation and hypnosis, how they compare
How the mind works:
The use of suggestion and the impact of negative suggestion
The Laws of Suggestion and Rules of the Mind
How our mind can distort our thinking (cognitive distortions)
Specific approaches:
Focused suggestions for personal change
Changing and developing attitudes, behaviours, beliefs and habits
Gaining insight and speak with your ‘inner advisor’
Goal focus
Mental rehearsal for performance, sport, skill development
Relaxing the mind and the body
Self-help and personal development
Any health conditions or concerns?
Participants are responsible for notifying us of any psychological or physical health issues which may affect their ability to participate in the workshop. This workshop may be unsuitable for people with a history of psychiatric conditions or disorders. If in doubt, please seek advice from us prior to booking.


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Ref No: 2311
3rd November 2019, 9.30am-5pm
How can you optimise your therapy time with a client? How do conduct great therapy with limited time? On Sunday 3rd November 2019, learn rapid, effective ways of working with yourself and others.
Perhaps you are looking for something fast, effective and different to use with your clients. You might even want some quick, yet beneficial techniques that you can use as part of your own personal development.
Our fast-paced and highly interactive Rapid Therapy Approaches Masterclass will provide you with the tools to work quickly and effectively in a range of healthcare and consulting environments, as well as offering appropriate approaches for educational and informative demonstrations, with both individuals and groups.
During our Rapid Therapy Approaches course, you will be introduced to (and use!) techniques for:
Behavioural (habit change)
Analytical (insight generation / sub-conscious change)
Cognitive (addressing limiting beliefs)
Goal achievement
In addition, you will get the opportunity to learn and practice at least 15 different rapid tests, inductions and deepening methods, including:
Direct & Indirect
Many people are taught the lengthy “relaxation model” approach to creating the state of hypnosis, and indeed approaches such as this can be very useful in a range of situations. However, at other times, you will need a more dynamic approach to get your patient or client hypnotised quickly. There also may be occasions where you have limited time to work with the person and need rapid solutions to effectively help them address issues and create change.
Join us at the next Rapid Therapy Approaches Masterclass and discover rapid, effective techniques and approaches that you will be able to use immediately.


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Ref No: 2313
Pain management for hypnotherapists
8th December 2019
As chronic pain is estimated to affect between one-third and one-half of the population of the UK, hypnotherapists will benefit from having a range of pain management tools to work with both chronic and acute pain. The American Psychological Association, consider hypnotherapy is likely to be effective for most people suffering from diverse forms of pain. For many years, those experiencing pain were treated within the ‘biomedical’ model. The emergence of the ‘biopsychosocial’ model offers a broader range of treatment and management options, including hypnotherapy.
What we will cover:
This one-day CPD event is a practical, engaging and interactive workshop for hypnotists and hypnotherapists and others using hypnosis approaches within their work. Topics include:
Classifications and types of pain
Assessing and describing pain
Emotional influences on pain
Coping strategies and secondary gains
Conventional and contemporary management models and treatment
Hypnotherapy approaches (behavioural, metaphorical, cognitive, analytical, regressive)
Promoting self-management: client tasks and activities (homework)
Case studies
A detailed workshop manual will be provided, together with a CPD certificate, indicating 6 hours of CPD (and 6 CEU for NGH members).


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RKS Paradigm Shift

(Kay Nishimura)
Location: Central London


Ref No: 924
Life Coaching & Self Development Course
Private Session, by Skype or by phone (within the UK). Please
Contact us to book.
5 sessions, once a week private session (first session for 90 mins, remaining sessions are for 60 mins each) @ £350
GHR Registered Therapist Special Offer total for 5 sessions @ £290
For additional sessions, regular single session will be applied (60 min: £120 / 90 min: £180)
* You will learn the basic tactics of the "Rules of Life" consistently and how to approach your life to make changes, achieve your goals and live happily.
* There are many tactics and tools taught in the course but below is the brief contents of each week. It may be customized depends on your personal needs and mental states.
Week 1:

Review your life and issues. Brief 20-30 min. Consultation and Counselling about your life and issues is included. Very basic Rules (1) will be taught for you to see the overall picture of your situations and issues. Assignment will be provided.
Week 2:

Review Self, causes of issues, and patterns of issues and failed tasks – you will explorer if you have any patterns to be trapped not to be able to move and find out your personality patterns. You will also review and find out what patterns and tendencies to feel and think at your emotional and mental level you have when you are facing issues. Rules (2) will be taught how to transform your situations and issues. Assignment will be provided.
Week 3:

Review your internal world and the process of making things manifested successfully. Rules (3) - What you really want and desire from your life, and how practically and you can achieve it and make it come true. You will also review if what you feel you want is what you really want, at emotional and mental level. Assignment will be provided.
Week 4:

Review your external world and set a goal to achieve what you want. Rules (4) - you will explore how to achieve your goals and wishes in companies, business and relationships. What is feasible, and what is a recognized obstacle, hidden enemy and obstacles. What is risk and fear. Assignment will be provided.
Week 5:

Action stage. Rule Five - you will explore how to achieve your goals and wishes and set goals to achieve. You will also learn pitfalls of reaching to success and goals emotionally and psychologically (Rules - 5). Assignment will be provided.


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British Hypnosis Research and Training Institute (Est 1979)

(Stephen Brooks)
Location: Online Distance Learning

Ref No: 2955
One Year Practitioner Diploma in the Theory and Principles of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Counselling Trainer: Stephen Brooks
Distance Learning
BHRT offers a one year online distance learning course leading to a Diploma in the Theory and Principles of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy & Counselling.
Over 6000 people have studied on this course and you can now study Ericksonian Hypnotherapy from your home, café or even when sitting on a park bench and learn how to make a genuine difference to the lives of others.
You will be able to help people overcome life-long problems, overcome pain, fears, phobias, weight issues, smoking and lack of confidence. Plus you will be able to do this indirectly in a way that makes others feel they’re responsible for the changes.
Who should attend?
This course is especially designed for people working in healthcare professions like psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, psychologists, doctors, nurses, and social workers. It is also an excellent way for people working in fields such as education, management or entertainment to learn how to communicate more effectively. Some people also take this course for their own personal development.
Course content
This course has a unique concept of multi-level learning; acquiring principles, concepts and structures at the conscious level while developing intuitions, experiences, and creative strategies at the unconscious level.
The online course includes:
•Weekly video lessons about Ericksonian principles, techniques, skills and language patterns
•Monthly videos of hypnosis pioneer Stephen Brooks doing full therapy sessions with clients (over 45 hours of therapy sessions)
•Video commentaries by Stephen Brooks explaining everything that is happening in each of the therapy videos
•Weekly written lessons covering each skill and technique and principle
•Weekly discussion forums covering every lesson
•Ongoing assessment of your work with feedback 3 times a week
•Support from online tutors and previous students
Techniques and skills covered
The course is based on an extensive one year course syllabus covering all of Milton H Erickson’s techniques and skills.
The interventions taught on this course are designed to help people with issues like weight control, smoking, phobias, anxiety, pain control, stage freight, sport performance, self esteem. Depending on your general knowledge and experience as a coach, counsellor or therapist you can apply Ericksonian skills, techniques and language patterns with any psychological, emotional or social problem.
By the end of this course you will be able apply Milton H Erickson’s approach to:
•Establish deep rapport with almost anyone
•Guide people into trance easily and naturally
•Quickly get to the heart of someone’s problem
•Use hypnotic language in hypnotherapy or any other field
•Use hypnotic intervention for problem solving and goal achievement
•Solve your own problems with hypnosis
•Unleash your own unconscious potential and wisdom
Your Trainer – Stephen Brooks
Over the years Stephen Brooks has become one of the most respected hypnotherapists in the world and he has taught many of the biggest names in hypnosis and therapy today. His courses have run in over 20 hospitals and universities and are at the cutting edge of hypnosis training both academically and as skill based trainings. Stephen’s course is not a typical rote learned hypnosis course based on memorising scripts – his course is the most innovative, cutting edge online hypnosis training available, based on years of research and practice.
The online course features techniques, skills and principles that reflect the way that Ericksonian hypnosis has evolved over the past 30 years covering the major problems that can be treated with hypnosis.
Qualification & Accreditation
This course is recognized as an Advanced Level training by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council of Great Britain, the UK’s major accrediting body for hypnotherapy training.
If you are already a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, they will elevate your membership to ADVANCED PRACTITIONER status after completing this online course and two years in practice.
Dates and course fee
The course starts on the 1st of every month and runs for one year. The course fee is £1975.00.


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