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The Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis
(Adam Eason)
Location: Norwich Norfolk


Ref No: 2832
Rapid Inductions and Hypnotic Phenomena For Hypnotherapists

28 September 2018
£116.40 (inc VAT)
This Rapid Inductions and Hypnotic Phenomena seminar is a daylong, fun filled education programme aimed at and created for hypnotherapists looking to advance their range and fluency at inducing hypnosis rapidly and creating hypnotic phenomena in a professional manner.
What Will You Learn:
* Develop fluency in inducing hypnosis.
* Induce hypnosis without scripts.
* Understand a wide variety of approaches.
* Be confident enough to create your own rapid inductions on the spot.
* Use language effectively throughout.
* Understand some key underlying theoretical principles and philosophy with regards to rapid inductions.
* Know a wide variety of structured rapid inductions. (We explain and demonstrate at least 15 on the day)
* Induce hypnosis without scripts.
* Understand a wide variety of approaches.
* Be confident enough to create your own inductions on the spot.
* Make hypnosis incredibly enjoyable for your clients.
You’ll also learn:
* How to create catalepsy of varying kinds.
* How to create amnesia in an instant.
* How to have your client believe and behave as if their hand is stuck – to a pen, their leg, chair and much more besides.
* How to create a range of visual effects and hallucinations for your client, including invisibility.
* How to create instant anaesthesia and analgesia in your clients.
* How to do much, much more than these things… Just wait and see!
Yes, you’ll learn a wide variety of hypnotic phenomena to elicit with clients to convince, enhance suggestibility, create credibility and benefit your therapeutic work. All of these processes you’ll learn will give your clients verifiable convincers of the power of their mind, their imagination and what they can do with hypnosis. Evidence shows that the more a client believes in their own ability with hypnosis, the more hypnotisable they may become, and potentially the more responsive to therapy.
You are going to learn how to absolutely advance their belief in their abilities with hypnosis and undeniable convincers using hypnotic phenomena that will have the client telling all their friends, family and colleagues about you and your services. Likewise, many believe that being able to create hypnotic phenomena with clients can enhance the perceived credibility of the therapist. It shows you have skills that can help the client to do some amazing things when they apply themselves accordingly.
Back in the 1960s both Barber (1969) and Hilgard (1965) showed that suggestions can be responded to with or without hypnosis, but that the function of a formal induction could increase susceptibility. We think it is important to have a wide range of hypnosis inductions and evidence does show that inductions that emphasise alertness can be just as effective as those that promote physical relaxation (Banyai, 1991). You’ll learn how to use inductions that will result in very responsive clients with a range of tempo, tone and applications.
Your Trainer:
Adam Eason — I run a prominent hypnotherapy training school in the UK and have a thriving hypnotherapy practice on the South Coast of England, authored a couple of books (including a bestseller or two) in a variety of languages, my audio programmes sell globally and have featured on national television a bunch of times.
My podcast and blog are very well followed and demonstrate my love for evidence based hypnosis in clinical settings.
This seminar was originally created with my friend who is an award winning magician, whose input in this seminar makes it as it is. I mention this because the skills they often exhibit tend to be frowned upon by hypnotherapists, yet facets of what stage and street hypnosis professionals do can be used to advance the client’s experience in treatment rooms, and create more credibility as well as offer a stimulating therapeutic experience.
The combination of influences within this seminar is an interesting one. I have a clinical hypnotherapy background. I favour evidence based approaches and am a stickler for the rationale behind the processes involved in hypnosis.
My work is also influenced by entertainers, acclaimed close-up magicians and professional pick pockets whose performance skills make natural adjuncts to inducing hypnosis with verve and confidence. I want you to have a stimulating contrast of styles and methods so that you gain greater insight and learn more. I want to show you how you can see varying means of inducing hypnosis and that having a depth of varying skills can make you a better hypnotherapist.
Within this seminar, I demonstrate a large number of inductions that add to any hypnotherapist’s repertoire. I also offer you up the underlying important principles that guide how we induce hypnosis. In addition, I will offer up a range of advanced techniques and strategies for inducing hypnosis and will critique much of what I do — showing you what is happening and how the approaches vary. I’ll then also offer up my favourite ways of eliciting hypnotic phenomena, creating fabulous effects and helping to enhance the client’s belief in you and their own ability. Though primarily aimed at helping in therapy, this is the kind of hypnotic phenomena that can also be used to demonstrate your skills in most of life’s situations and circumstances. It’ll showcase your skill.
Do you ever hear that your clients have said “it was a nice experience, but I am not sure I was really hypnotised” or “it was very relaxing, but I am not convinced I was in hypnosis” Maybe you have heard it said by other hypnotherapist’s clients? I hear this a great deal. Following this seminar, your clients will never utter these words. They will leave your office undeniably convinced that they were hypnotised. They’ll explain to friends, family and colleagues how impressive their experience was, and your reputation, referred business levels and credibility will all rise together.


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Ref No: 2833
The Science of Self-Hypnosis Seminar

29 September 2018
£116.40 (inc VAT)
A Thorough, Evidence Based Approach To Self-Hypnosis
There are no pre-requisites for this one day seminar — all I ask is that when you book yourself on this self-hypnosis seminar, you attend with an open mind and a willingness to engage with the skills you are taught.
Some shifts in beliefs, perspectives and behaviours can happen on this self-hypnosis seminar. Everyone that attends the course and approaches it with a progressive, open mind can experience some changes, make some fascinating discoveries and learn a great deal.
Self-hypnosis is where I started my journey into this field… It helped me to make seemingly miraculous changes physiologically and psychologically that I had not dreamt possible at that stage in my life.
Much of my early work and publications on this topic have been superseded by my work “The Science of Self-Hypnosis: The Evidence Based Way to Hypnotise Yourself” which refutes a lot of the content of the earlier days of my career and much of the ‘received wisdom’ that is still prevalent in the hypnotherapy field today. As a result, this seminar now is based solidly on evidence-based principles and sits on a foundation of research studies to support what is taught.
As well as being taught the historical context of self-hypnosis from the early workings of the origins of hypnosis James Braid and his use of self-hypnosis, through to the comprehensive work on autosuggestion of Emile Coué, through to academics, developers, researchers and tinkerers of the more modern era, you’ll get to learn some of the classic applications of self-hypnosis. You’ll learn skills that will convince you without doubt of your ability to hypnotise yourself. Ranging from Emile Coués imagination experiments to more modern feats of hypnotic phenomena that leave you convinced that you are hypnotising yourself and are capable of great things with it’s application.
With the skills and information you learn on this seminar, you can let go of old habits, form new ones, use progressive hypnotic language, create wonderful new behaviours, brighten your future, excel in your career and create excellence…
There are many applications and although self-hypnosis is no panacea, the skills you learn on this seminar can be transferred to a wide number of facets of your life. You learn how to increase your ability to communicate with yourself, and how to communicate with yourself more effectively. You’ll learn how to use your imagination with great effect and a number of cognitive strategies – all of which have evidence supporting them to support their efficacy. Self-Hypnosis can be used for controlling pain, distorting your perception of time, accelerated healing, letting go of limiting behaviours and a number of other applications too – I use self-hypnosis to help me complete the multi-marathon running events I compete in each year with great effect. During this one day seminar, you learn how to do all those things… Including the time distortion, pain management and lots of other seemingly incredible applications… Self-Hypnosis is a way to enhance your control of these things.
This practical, eye-opening seminar shows you a structured and easy to follow method to take yourself into hypnosis and how to use it.
* You get taken into guided hypnosis by me also.
* Make progressive changes in your life.
* Be convinced of your own ability to use and apply self-hypnosis.
* Get a good insight into the world of hypnosis and have it demystified.
* Heighten your awareness of how to utilise your resources to their full potential.
* Learn ways to use powerful, evocative hypnotic language to elicit change within yourself.
* Have self-hypnosis put in an evidence based and historically correct perspective.
* Learn a number of other evidence-based hypnotic skills to enhance your responsiveness to hypnosis too.
You will also learn how to use self-hypnosis for deep relaxation. The kind of specialist relaxation that Russian researchers Pavlov and Platanov developed in the 1950s. Everything is written out for you, ready to put into practice, you get a full, comprehensive course manual and several handouts. Likewise, you’ll get ongoing support if you require it with other self-hypnotists in our hypnosis hub.
What You Will Learn:
* An easy to follow, research informed, structured method of taking yourself into hypnosis.
* That regardless of what model of hypnosis you believe in, you can use and benefit from self-hypnosis.
* The historical context and development of the field of self-hypnosis.
* Evidence based principles to make sure you derive the most benefit.
* Key ingredients of how to be in control of your experience of hypnosis.
* How to create and write life changing, incredible hypnotic programmes for change.
* How to make the most out of your suggestions.
* How to relax hypnotically to powerfully deep levels.
* Advanced and intriguing methods and applications of self-hypnosis.
* How to deepen your perception of hypnosis to levels that are utterly blissful and dynamic.
* How to nurture your relationship with yourself.
* How to build self-efficacy.
* Amazing insightful ways to apply self-hypnosis to your life.
* Different ways to deliver suggestions to yourself.
* How to harness and utilise the enormous power than resides within you.
* Special rapid self-hypnosis induction to enter the state instantly whenever and wherever you want.
* How to use self-hypnosis to generate physical and mental changes.
* Combine Self-Hypnosis with modern personal development techniques.
* A range of convincers and experiments to show you what you can do with self-hypnosis.
In addition to that, you also…
* Relax in a friendly, informal group setting, and learn with other people from a real variety of backgrounds.
* Have a lot of laughter… I mean a LOT of laughter, this course is a lot of fun.
* Get the opportunity to do some exercises you may never have thought possible!
Of course, you learn many things on many levels and all the learning is enhanced and embedded during the numerous hypnosis sessions that you experience throughout the seminar. I personally take you into hypnosis on several occasions throughout the day-long seminar.
Who Should Attend?
Anyone wanting to find out more about the world of hypnosis. People looking to enhance their lives and learn more about themselves. People looking for cutting edge tools to excel and enhance in any area of their life. Anyone wanting a heck of a lot of fun! Anyone wanting to truly master the process and practice of self-hypnosis. Hypnotherapists looking to show their clients how to use self-hypnosis effectively. An investment of one day and a nominal fee lets you tap into years of accumulated knowledge; learn proven methods and newest techniques; and return home informed and inspired.


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