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Hertfordshire College of Hypnosis & NLP
(Richard Walker)
Location: Harpenden HERTS (40mins London St Pancras)

Ref No: 2950

8 September 2018, 10.30am - 5.30pm
*Early Booking £150 *paid in full by 24 August 2018
(Standard price £195)
Time Line Therapy® consists of a collection of very rapid and efficient ‘alert hypnosis’ techniques for cancelling unwanted negative emotions and resolving the root cause of behavioural and physical symptoms.
Unwarranted and unresolved negative emotions such as anxiety, depressive states, phobias and trauma can inhibit us in life, as can ‘limiting beliefs’ such as self-doubt, unworthiness, fear of failure, need for happiness or love etc. Time Line Therapy® includes techniques to release and resolve these, and also for setting outcomes in the future with the ‘Creating Your Future’ procedures.
If you have seen these techniques properly demonstrated before, you will know how quick, effective and profound they are. Make no mistake, these techniques deliver deep and sustainable change in perspectives and behaviour and problematic symptoms. Time Line Therapy® techniques are immensely valuable tools for vastly increasing your effectiveness as a hypnotherapist.
Crucially, the change work does not require suggestions by the therapist, but instead relies on inner resolutions derived by the client, unconsciously. This is one reason why the processes inspire generative outcomes which are ‘owned’ by the client, leading to ongoing benefits.
Learning Outcomes:
•Eliciting the time line
•The power of changing direction and location of the timeline
•Discover the root cause of presenting problems
•How to effortlessly release negative emotions on past events so that we can freely move forward
•How to cancel destructive limiting beliefs like ‘I always put others first’; ‘I’m not as capable as other people’; ‘I can't easily make money’, self-doubt, lack of self esteem, and more
•How to set future outcomes on the time line to focus the unconscious mind to achieve what we want
The one-day Practitioner Class training takes a modern view on how we learn our perceptions, emotional responses and behaviours and provides a powerful ‘model’ for understanding the very basis of personality. You will discover how the root cause of various behavioural, physical and emotional symptoms can be resolved using Time Line Therapy™ techniques.
Your trainer, Richard Walker has some 20 years experience and is one of the few UK accredited Time Line Therapy® trainers to Master Level, having delivered training both in the UK and internationally. He also teaches hypnotherapy, and so you can be assured he will understand your perspectives as a hypnotherapist. Richard is an entertaining and inspirational presenter, who is also renowned for his deeply ethical approach.
Whilst the course is open to you whatever your background, you may struggle if you have no working understanding of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).
Certification of participation is provided to all. Certification for Accreditation by the Time Line Therapy® Association as Practitioner in Time Line Therapy® is also available to you if you have a recognised NLP Practitioner Certification. An additional fee of £50 applies. If this is your requirement, contact Richard directly.
Course date, timing and location:
The venue will be in central Harpenden, a very pretty small town just south of Luton / north of St Albans in Hertfordshire, close to the M1 Jn 9/10 with ample local parking and an easy stroll (10 to 15mins) from the mainline railway station with direct fast trains (about 20mins) from Kings Cross St Pancras. It has a good range of local shops and several supermarkets. The intention is for a small group of around five to ten participants, so early booking is a good idea.
8 September 2018, 10.30am to 5.30pm
Undiscounted price £195
*Early Booking £150 *paid in full by 24 August 2018
Terms & Conditions:
(1) Balance due by latest 8 days prior to start of course.
(2) You must be of a stable mental condition for your own comfort and safety, since this is a group workshop environment and not designed for one to one therapy. Contact Richard if in doubt.
(3) You are required to sign a Training Participation Agreement and Release statement.
(4) Cancellation: full refund if you notify Richard by 17 August, and 50% after that till 24 August. No refund will be made after 24 August since venue, time, and other participants are committed at that time.
(5) Prior NLP training highly recommended; recognised NLP Practitioner Certification required for eligibility for Time Line Therapy Practitioner accreditation, plus £50 fee. NB Accreditation by the Time Line Therapy® Association (TLTA) requires you to join the TLTA as a member, for which they charge a separate joining fee and annual renewal fee.


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The Oxford School of Hypnosis
(Reena Biswas)
Location: Distance Learning


The Oxford School of Hypnosis offers a range of approved CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses which count towards the GHR's annual CPD requirement for continued registration.
The aim of the masterclasses is to enable qualified hypnotherapists and other therapists experienced in the application of applied hypnosis, to add to their existing skills and knowledge.

1. Each CPD course requires the student to complete a homework assignment after studying the course notes. This typically consists of an analysis of a hypothetical case study.
2. The study hours are to be used as a guideline, and are in addition to the time required for completing the homework assignment.
3. Students should only enrol on a CPD course if the topic has not already been included on their practitioner level course.
4. Maximum time allowed for completion and submission of a homework assignment is one year, in order to receive a certificate.
5. Email/telephone support is available to students enrolling on any of the listed online CPD courses.
6. The course notes are comprehensive, and there are no accompanying CDs or mandatory reading lists.

7. I am available for teaching CPD courses on behalf of other training schools and to groups.

Ref No: 2414
Time Line Protocol

Online CPD Course
The way in which we mentally code the sights/pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells of events and experiences in our past, present or future is known in NLP as a timeline. Each of us has a unique and individual timeline. The way in which we internally represent time has an effect on our lives, not just in the present, but the past and future as well.
The aim of this CPD course is to enable the student to understand the concept of time line, discover their timeline and apply it in their own lives and that of their client in order to effect positive change.
Topics covered:
* Definition and meaning of a time line
* History/origin
* Types of time lines - description, examples, exercise
* Discover your time line
* Relationship between our concept of time and language
* How we manage our memories
* Beliefs, values, attitudes
* Meta programs
* Complete illustration
* Change your future with time line therapy

Study hours: 7.5


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