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Balanced Approach Training
(Mark Peters)
Venue: West Midlands Hypnotherapy Centre Birmingham W MIDS
(Kings Norton train station is 2 minutes walk. Local hotels within 10 minutes walk.)

Ref No: 2884
NLP Master-Practitioner – this course is fully accredited by SNLP and takes your NLP practitioner to the next level. The 8 day course is delivered in two modules as outlined below.
Module 1: 2nd - 5th November 2018
Module 2: 16th - 19th December 2018
£2000 inc all cert fess
Module 1: Re-Discover and Extend your Practitioner Skills and Knowledge
One of the major benefits of participating in a Master Practitioner is the opportunity to re-visit the Practitioner material, review it through applying it alongside more advanced material, bring it to the level of unconscious competence – and move beyond relying on techniques by learning to tailor your approach to suit the situation, individual or group.
Sensory Acuity: This is the key area in NLP without this everything else is a waste of time. Learn to tune your senses right up so you can get as much information as possible in any given situation
Anchoring: Extend your skill by learning to use and recognise tonal, visual and spatial anchors in the main representational systems, and move beyond the techniques to consider the patterns involved in the ‘anchoring phenomenon’.
Timelines: Revisit the Practitioner Time Line methods, explore the main submodality configurations, use them seamlessly using spatial anchoring, and integrate Time Line work with other NLP methods.
NLP Techniques: We will be examining how to use NLP techniques to enable people to make pervasive changes in their lives by supporting the behavioural change with change in the upper levels of the Personality Map – and you will have the opportunity of experiencing these processes during practical sessions at the course. Including:
•Re-imprinting & changing belief
•Instant rapport techniques
•Advanced sensory acuity
•Advanced submodality techniques
•Modeling excellence
Module 2: Advanced Language and Hypnotic Mastery
Revisit, refine and extend the Meta Model and Milton Models and integrate these with the other approaches to develop a more perceptive, receptive and influential style of communicating.
Sleight of Mouth and Persuasion Patterns
Explore this huge range of advanced reframing patterns which can be used seamlessly in everyday conversation and with which you can assist a person in examining and altering limiting beliefs and values, resolving self esteem problems, and changing how they perceive and respond to difficulties and setbacks.
Neurological Levels, Metaprogrammes and Reality Tunnels
Identify neurological levels and metaprogrammes through their linguistic structure, recognise the levels of belief, use spatial and verbal methods to resolve belief conflicts, apply belief utilisation and change patterns including advanced Re-imprinting. Recognise and deal with values’ hierarchies, values conflicts, values’ criteria. Work with motivation patterns through enhancing and changing values and beliefs. Recognise these out-of-awareness filters or pre-dispositions, which influence a person’s understanding, decision-making and actions.
Learn how to recognise the principal Metaprogramme patterns and ‘clusters’ of patterns, the linguistic indicators of Metaprogrammes, how a person’s Metaprogrammes guide their choices and needs and how to use your awareness of Metaprogrammes to greatly enhance your ability to influence. Learn how to recognise a person’s habitual ways of thinking, responding and behaving so that you can recognise trends and predict likely outcomes.
Creating and Chaining States
The greatest “teaching tales” are metaphors, using all the other skills and techniques above learn how to create and chain these metaphors in a way that will enthrall and entrance your audience to create deep and lasting change.
Other Skills and Techniques:
•Covert trance induction
•Hypnotic protocols for rapid change
•Meta & Milton models in-depth
•Multi-level communication
•Advanced language patterns
•Embedded metaphor and nested loops
•and much, much more

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Ref No: 2888
Building Scripts for Change: Writing hypnotic and persuasive scripts
24th November 2018

When people first train in hypnosis and hypnotherapy, they are often given and use standard scripts. This helps build confidence but does not build creative or flexible application. I know some hypnotists who still just buy more scripts to use.
The aim of this workshop is to explore how scripts are structured and built so you can:
•Write specifically for each client
•Write your own scripts to sell as MP3 downloads
•Develop during the client session and deliver live
You will have clear and practical techniques to:
•Identify key language used by the client
•Build metaphor / stories into your sessions
•Apply the infinity strategy to strengthen the impact
•Use ambiguity powerfully
•Nest messages to be more impactful
The workshop will be theoretical and practical. By the end of the day you will be writing with confidence; you will also have shared at least one unique script with the group.

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Ref No: 2894
Weight no more – weight management and banding
8th December 2018
9.30am – 4.30pm
Refreshments provided – local shops within 5 minutes’ walk for lunch
The day will include:
•How naturally slim people do it
•Hypnotic gastric banding
•The psychology of the diet and food industries
•Who’s selling you what
•When words don’t help
•Emotional needs

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Ref No: 2959
Resilience, Mindfulness and ACT
17th - 18th November 2018
Mindfulness and resilience go hand in hand and this training day is designed to give you not just the theory but practical experience too.
It is more than just relief from stress and anxiety, it is a set of skills designed to help in every area of your work and personal life, plus you will be able to share the skills with others to help them too.
The trainings day include
CBT/NLP/ACT to build strategies for change
Problem solving 'from problems to solutions'
Emotional intelligence and the 'emotional hostage'
Mindfulness and awareness
Relaxation and stress management
Ground Hog day thinking and more....
Grit - long-term success
Singing the Blues
The power of metaphor for change
The group size will be kept small to ensure you get the most from the day so please book quickly to avoid disappointment.
Class size and location:
We keep the group size small to ensure you have plenty of time to get your questions answered.
Our courses are held in Kings Norton, Birmingham within a few minutes walk of the train station. There is free parking and good value accommodation locally.

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Ref No: 2960
NLP Diploma
2nd - 5th November 2018
The 4 day NLP Diploma will cover the areas outlined below. The structure and application exercises can be adjusted to suit you and the group as the work develops. Day 4 is intended to be a coaching day so focuses on belief change, language and goals.
This 4 day Diploma is intended to give a solid foundation for application of NLP be this with patients/clients, colleagues or even yourself.
course outline:
Day 1
What is NLP?
Brief history
Attitude, methodology, techniques
The four pillars of NLP
Sensory Acuity
Behavioural flexibility
Well Formed Outcomes
Trance application
What is “hypnosis”? (all communication is hypnotic etc)
Yes sets
Matching, pacing and leading
How would you use natural trances? – language of suggestion
Day 2
Morning ex: Energised exercise – state change
Rep Systems
Eye Access Cues
Modalities and Sub-modalities – intro to Meta model & Milton model
Day 3
Meta Programs
Anchors – what they are and how we use them
Perceptual positioning
Meta Model including neurological levels
Day 4
Morning ex: meta-model and change work (clean language questions)
Timelines – overcoming limiting beliefs and goal setting
Reframing – context and content reframes for clients and colleagues.
Outcome thinking for goal setting

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