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NLP Centre of Excellence
(Jim Petruzzi)
Venue: Unsworth Cricket Club Unsworth Bury GRT MANCHESTER

Ref No: 2837
NLP Practitioner Classroom based training course
Manchester Module 1:
26th - 29th October 2017
Manchester Module 2:
7th - 10th December 2017
The NLP Practitioner Coach Training Programme is an 8 day course studied over two blocks of 4 days (Modules 1 and 2). On completion of the course the successful participant will have the neccassary skills to practice and implement NLP for Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Health Coaching, and Performance Coaching. Upon successfully meeting course requirements certification includes two certificates, an Approved certificate from the IANLPC and one from the NLP Centre of Excellence.
Think how your life will change when you choose to be an NLP Practitioner Coach and have powerful skills that can be used to help yourself excel in every area of your life. Help others make changes and overcome barriers to their personal development, and help people realize their full potential in business, sport and their person.


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Ref No: 2838
NLP Master Practitioner Classroom based training course
Manchester Module 1:
22rd - 25th February 2018
Manchester Module 2:
15th - 18th March 2018
The NLP Master Practitioner Coach is the ultimate course in NLP, offering advanced NLP techniques that can help you excel in every area of your life.
This course is perfect for those that have already studied NLP before and are looking to enhance their skills by becoming a Master of NLP by delving into the realms of Advanced Behavioural Modelling, Breakthrough Coaching, NLP for Selling & Presentation Skills, Quantum Linguistics, Advanced NLP Strategies and much much more!


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L&M Plus Consulting Ltd
(Zoryna O'Donnell)
Venue: Grand Harbour Hotel Southampton HANTS

(walking distance from Southampton Central rail station)

Ref No: 2818
Coaching with New Code NLP – 2 days
4-5 November 2017, 10am - 5pm
Special offer to GHR registrants £300 (standard price £360)
Coaching is one of the most exciting and rewarding applications of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). It also is one of the most prosperous with NLP trained coaches creating an abundant lifestyle for themselves, whilst stimulating change, creativity and choice for clients. If you are seeking a coaching based career, or you would like to incorporate coaching into your current activities, look no further as this module has all the qualities to propel you into something very exciting.
New Code NLP underpins this course incorporating models which provide rapid and lasting change.
New Code NLP emerged in NLP in the post Grinder/Bandler years to provide a radical framework for a more efficient form of NLP that utilises high performance states in the change process. New Code NLP is constantly developing and you are assured of the latest coaching models.
This training will cover the following key elements:
* NLP and Coaching (Outcomes and framing; Rapport skills and pattern detection; Perceptual positions; Representational systems; Personal congruency and the unconscious mind; Coaching language )
* Classic Code NLP and New Code NLP change formats (Transforming classic code NLP to Coaching contexts; Utilising and manipulating natural anchors for natural lasting change; The New Code NLP distinction; Calibrating subtle almost undetectable unconscious signals to create choice in life; Recognising and working with the incompatible split between conscious and unconscious movements)
* Accessing high performance states through New Code NLP formats
* The Three Stage Coaching Protocol
Trainer: Zoryna O'Donnell, MBA, MSc, FInstLM, GQHP (GHR Reg 7309), CNHC Registered (000016-D17). Zoryna is a Licensed Trainer of Continue and Begin Fast Coaching® and a Certifying Member of the
International Trainers Academy of NLP – ITA. She was trained and certified as NLP Trainer by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll. John Grinder is a co-creator of NLP and has extended the field resulting in New Code NLP. Carmen Bostic St Clair is, with John, the co-developer of New Code NLP. Michael Carroll is the founder and course director of the NLP Academy, the only Master Trainer of NLP in the world certified by John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair.

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Clem Turner Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Practice Training School
(Margaret Turner & Clem Turner)
Location: Sutton in Ashfield NOTTS (M1 Jct 28

Ref No: 2773
Certificate in NLP and Coaching – One Day CPD Workshop
Create rapid transformations in your clients and increase your earning potential
10th February, 16th June or 20th October 2018, 10am – 4.30pm
Discounted Rate for members of the GHR, NCH & BIH: £150 (Standard Rate £170)
The techniques you will learn on this one day workshop will work in synergy with other treatments that you have available for your clients helping them to transform their lives. The success you will achieve will not only result in improving your earning potential in the lucrative market of life coaching and therapy but will enable you to work as a relationship coach.
The workshop will cover:
* NLP representational systems
* Perceptual positions
* Pacing and leading
* 6 Human needs
* Triad of emotion
* Anchoring/collapsing anchors
* Parts integration
* Swish pattern
* Fast phobia cure
* Reframing
* Change personal history
* Time line
* 7 master steps for lasting change
Your Tutor: Steve Roberts
Steve is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, master practitioner of NLP, City and Guilds Conflict Resolution Trainer, Certified Strategic Intervention Coach, Certified Marriage Education and Divorce Prevention Counselors from the Robbins Madanes Centre for Strategic Intervention, Corporate Trainer and also holds a City and Guilds Teaching Qualification Stephen is also a regular public speaker with various organizations including: Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT); British Medical Institute (BMI); Law enforcement agencies such as Trading Standards; Environmental Health; Various Local Authorities and Private Businesses.
The cost of the workshop includes handouts of the techniques demonstrated, safe car parking, delicious buffet lunch and refreshments throughout the day, certificate of attendance plus ongoing support by phone or e-mail.

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Academy of Advanced Personal Development
(Mike Dee)
Venue: New College Swindon Swindon WILTS

Ref No: 2870
Neural Response Patterning

or how hypnosis works
21st October 2017, 9:00am – 4:30pm
20% discount offer to GHR registrants £120. 40% discount to Association of Advanced Personal Development £90. (standard price £150) (only one discount may apply)
Neural Response Patterning is a different way of understanding how we operate at an unconscious level, of how everything we do, feel, think, is the result of unconscious automatic programming that follows neurological patterns.
Psychology tries to make sense of why and how we do what we do by trying to make these things fit into a concept of mind; that means they study it from the mind down, assuming a reality of mind and operates from a top down process. For years scientists, following this pattern, tried to establish exactly where in the brain the conscious mind lived.
In fact the mind is an abstract noun, that is we treat it like a real object, but it doesn’t actually exist as a thing, but as the result of the actions of neurological activity linking together in patterns that construct both sensory images and sounds, or imagined or remembered images and sounds. (Worriers are particularly good at this).
Our brain was not designed to think, but rather to control our bodies automatically to information from our surroundings with our well-being in mind. However we actually respond to the meaning we give that sensory input, or more importantly, to what we are playing in our heads and follows automatic patterns of response that include our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and everything else.
We will cover:
* basic neurology
* Language and thought processes
* Time processing
* Beliefs
* Values
* Secondary Gain
* Unconscious processes
Your Trainer is Mike Dee, Lead trainer for the Academy of Advanced Personal Development. He has been involved with hypnosis for over thirty years and is an accredited Hypnotherapy trainer with both the British National Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists, The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and a registered trainer with the International NLP Trainers Association as well as NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist.


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NLP Centre of Excellence
(Jim Petruzzi)
Location: Distance Learning

Ref No: 2350
NLP Diploma Course
Distance learning option: £270
This powerful NLP Diploma Course will help you to improve your communication skills in every area of your life.
In your work, relationships, with friends and family, helping you to understand people better,build rapport easily and improve your coaching skills and confidence enormously.
It will be a powerful course could make the difference in your life.
This course is Certified by the International Association of NLP Coaches (IANLPC), which means that you have gone through the correct channels to study NLP and that you have been trained to the highest possible level.
On completion of the Course you will receive an NLP Diploma Certificate from NLP Centre of Excellence and and another from the IANLPC.
Distance learning option:
Study the full NLP Diploma Course online, the online NLP Diploma Course is exactly the same course syllabus as the residential course.
Study the course online from the comfort of your own home. Training materials include the full course manual, study guides, and copy of best selling NLP book written by our head trainer Jimmy Petruzzi. You are also welcome to join us on our free monthly practice sessions so that you can watch live demonstartions of the techniques and then practice with other students to build your confidence using your new techniques.
The home study course course is exactly the same syllabus that is taught on the residential courses, the full course syllabus can be found above.
Also included is a recommended reading list. You are encouraged to read widely on the course subject that you are studying, in this way you will gain maximum benefit from the course.
When studying the techniques taught throughout the course it is advisable to get as much practice as possible to really master each technique being learnt.
All course materials are provided, you will receive a student number which is unique to you and the course you are doing, it must be quoted on all correspondence to the training centre regarding your chosen course.
On completion of the course you will receive 2 certificates, one from the NLP Centre of Excellence for completing the course and another from the IANLPC.
We also offer all students doing the home study training the opportunity to come along and do some practice of the techniques for the weekend on one of the residential courses at our training centre in Manchester at no extra cost. This greatly enhances learning and enables you to put all of your learning in to practice.
The home study courses are assessed by a written assignment at the end of the course which consists of a question paper and written answers.
There is no time limit for completing the course, it can be studied in your own time at your own pace. Help and support is always available from the training centre team through out your training.
The NLP Diploma will help you gain:
Excellent Communication & Rapport Skills
Discover what people are REALLY saying and understand the real meaning behind their words
Listening and Questioning Skills
Tune in to how people are talking to you
Forward-Moving Thinking
Remove the barriers that hold you back and boost your confidence
The Tools to Reach Your Full Potential
Change your thoughts about what is possible and make yourself think more productively about success
A Focused Approach to Life
Clear the clutter and turn challenges into success
Excellent Rapport & Confidence Building Skills
What makes people tick (including you)? Become more persuasive.
You can learn how to say 'no' and get the other person to say 'yes'!
The objectives of the NLP Diploma are:
To give you a stand-alone set of tools to apply to a coaching practice or life in general
To give you extra insights into the hidden meanings behind what people say
To enable you to facilitate change in a conversational way so that you can apply coaching skills to every
situation even with resistant clients - ideal for coaching teenagers or anyone who has been 'sent' for coaching
To give you a greater understanding about how people's minds affect their results
19 things you will learn:
1. An introduction to NLP - how it started, how it is used and what it really means
2. Filters - how we filter the information we receive and how this affects how we communicate with others
3. Sensory acuity - how to notice and read accurately the non-verbal signals from another person - a crucial skill within NLP and a highly effective way to improve your own communication style
4. Rapport skills - how to put others at ease and build trust - vital in any coaching relationship. Learn body language, posture, facial expression, gestures and speech patterns and eye accessing cues
5. Creating your own motivating mission statement - see how this can strengthen your client's commitment to their goals
6. The 10 keys to personal development - how to behave with integrity as a coach and as an individual
7. Feedback models - how to give feedback as a coach in the best way to help others develop and what to do with feedback to help you develop to your best potential as a coach
8. Well-formed outcomes - "Is what you want, what you REALLY want?" How to understand what is really important to you - it may not be what you think!
9. Understanding how you think - find out whether people are 'glass half-empty or glass half-full' people through their language. Understand how people are different and what motivates people to take action
10. Tools for generating creativity - powerful methods to help you plan more effectively, hone your ideas and use a completely different way of thinking to achieve success
11. Five key challenges to use with clients' limiting statements
12. The three words to be aware of that weaken your message
13. Three ways to use language to reframe things for your clients
14. Use language to really understand how people work, remove obstacles in communication, how to get to the core of what someone is saying and meaning, how to talk another person's language, rapport building and language patterns
15. Negotiation tools - show your clients how to reach agreement in any situation
16. Goals - quick tools to uncover why you want something and skills to break the largest goals into manageable chunks
17. Action - a speedy way to uncover what stops people from taking action and what resources will help them be more successful
18. How to restore your resources - for example, how to find extra confidence when you need it, maintain emotional control and recollect events vividly
19. How to get in control of your time and manage yourself to be more productive


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