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Transformations School of Clinical Hypnosis

(Robert McKinnon)
Nottingham NOTTS

Ref No: 2902
Certificate in Sports Hypnosis and Performance Coaching
18th March 2018, 10am - 5pm
During this one day workshop you will learn how to help sports people to perform at their peak and be free of fear of failure, fear of letting other people down, anger issues etc.
The skills and strategies you will learn can be transferred to other areas of performance (e.g. on stage) and also to your regular hypnotherapy clients.
The day will include:-
Why performance coaching? The difference that makes the difference.
The four quadrants; a tried and tested model that is used widely in professional golf and other sports.
How to help sports men and women to practice more effectively.
The concept of neutral thinking.
The power of body language.
The importance of abdominal breathing and how to use it in sport.
Using anchors for peak performance (getting into “the zone”).
Understanding performance anxiety and “choking” and how to deal with it.
Working with various sports; golf, equestrian, cycling, figure skating, swimming, team sports etc.
The secrets of world class athletes.
Parts integration and how to use it as a coaching tool to deal with fear of failure, anger etc.
There will be a Q & A session at the end of the day.
You will be provided with course notes and the day will include demonstrations of some of the techniques involved.
Lunch is not included but refreshments are provided
The day is presented by Robert McKinnon who has been in practice for 16 years and has been a trainer for 10 years. As well as being a hypnotherapist, Robert is also a qualified Mind Factor Coach and has worked with athletes at international level.

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The Hypnotherapy Academy
(Holly Wincote)

Your trainer Holly Wincote is a qualified trainer and therapist, for Hypnotherapy, Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) and NLP with her own busy private practice and over 25 years combined hypnotherapy and training experience. Courses are designed and delivered to encompass different learning styles which ensure they are engaging as well as fun and that all delegates gain maximum benefit.

Ref No: 2860
Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Performance Enhancement - Business, Sports, Music and Academic (CHPE)
1 day CPD course – 8 hours CPD
4 August 2018, 9am - 5.30pm
This one day CPD course is suitable for qualified and trainee hypnotherapists. You will learn the skills to enable you to become specialists in using hypnotherapy help clients enhance their business, sports, music and academic performance, so you can work effectively and confidently with your clients. The day includes practical exercises for you to become familiar with the techniques taught and a variety of scripts to use with your clients. You will also be provided with a detailed Course Manual and Course Certificate (8 hours CPD):
* How Hypnotherapy can be used to Enhance Performance
* The Winning Mindset
* Identifying and Removing Limiting Beliefs
* Cognitions and Behaviours
* Other Influencing Factors
* Pain, Injury and Recovery
* Hypnotherapy Inductions and Scripts
* Coaching Methods
* NLP Techniques
* Example Session Formats


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The Oxford School of Hypnosis
(Reena Biswas)
Distance Learning


The Oxford School of Hypnosis offers a range of approved CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses which count towards the GHR's annual CPD requirement for continued registration.
The aim of the masterclasses is to enable qualified hypnotherapists and other therapists experienced in the application of applied hypnosis, to add to their existing skills and knowledge.

1. Each CPD course requires the student to complete a homework assignment after studying the course notes. This typically consists of an analysis of a hypothetical case study.
2. The study hours are to be used as a guideline, and are in addition to the time required for completing the homework assignment.
3. Students should only enrol on a CPD course if the topic has not already been included on their practitioner level course.
4. Maximum time allowed for completion and submission of a homework assignment is one year, in order to receive a certificate.
5. Email/telephone support is available to students enrolling on any of the listed online CPD courses.
6. The course notes are comprehensive, and there are no accompanying CDs or mandatory reading lists.

7. I am available for teaching CPD courses on behalf of other training schools and to groups.


Ref No: 1081
Sports Hypnosis

Online CPD Course
Sports psychology has been acknowledged for some time as playing a key role in the success of top athletes and sportsmen and women all over the world.
Hypnosis can be an excellent adjunct for sports psychologists and coaches, enabling individuals to improve performance quickly and maintain excellence consistently.
Sports hypnosis can be an exciting addition to the practising hypnotherapist interested in this field. It can also be a valuable additional tool for the practising sports psychologist or coach conversant with the principles of applied hypnosis.
Topics covered:
* The concept of hypnosis as mental coaching and the role of the hypnotherapist as a mental coach
* Alert/Active hypnosis
* Cornerstones of sports hypnosis – understanding the mental attitude of the athlete, dealing with negative self-talk; teaching skills based on a combination of techniques including CBT, NLP, Coaching; hetero and auto-hypnosis; regular practice through self-hypnosis
* Structure and content of a full sports hypnosis intervention (typically 4 sessions)
* Examples of application of sports hypnosis to various sports
* Dealing with injury and pain
Study hours: 7.5


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