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Balanced Approach
(Mark Peters)
Type: Book

Ref No: 2696
The Accidental Hypnotist – An Open Minded Approach
£18 (printed & posted)

£8.99 Epub / PDF (e-version for tablets/smart phone)
My aim with this book is to share my experiences of this wondrous field we call hypnosis, supported by discussions of standard theories and models. As our understanding of brain function unfolds so too will more concepts of the form and practice of hypnotism. We may even be calling it by a new name in the not-too-distant future; ‘mesmerism’ wasn’t the first name used, and ‘hypnosis’ may not be the last. ‘Mindfulness’ is one term in vogue at the moment, as is ‘guided visualization’.
I titled the book the Accidental Hypnotist as my aim is to help spread the realisation that hypnosis is actually a naturally occurring phenomenon that each of us experience on a daily basis. It has been said that “You cannot not influence”; once you can accept that everything you say and do influences you and those around you it is only a small step to grasp that we each put ourselves and each other into a natural trance. When you plan a holiday, consider how a redecorated room will look, imagine excelling at a sport etc. it is your imagination that motivates you to succeed or fail; it is self-hypnosis by another name.
It’s your brain so it seems the study of how to get it to do what you want it to do is a useful pursuit.

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