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International College of Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner
(Tod Cury)
Location: Distance Learning

Ref No: 2417
Delivering eTherapy Online Master Class
Distance Learning
This distance learning online masterclass is designed to provide practising therapists with the knowledge and understanding to effectively provide therapeutic interaction and consultations with their clients through modern digital delivery modes.
Course attendees will learn how to engage digitally (online) with clients through modern applications like WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom and other face to face digital communication applications. Instruction in setting up these applications for best possible use and technology configuration requirements to ensure uninterrupted connections during online consultation is also provided.
This master class is designed by experienced therapists and digital technologists who have been delivering online therapy and digital communications for a number of years and will be able to share the advantages and challenges that they have encountered, ensuring your provision of safe and ethical practice based processes effectively.
There are a number of benefits to both the client and the therapist and understanding how to manage and get the most from online consultations is presented. The potential challenges encountered with online consultation delivery is also presented with effective strategies, suggestions and recommendations of how to manage and reduce their occurrence.
Managing and meeting legal, data protection, GDPR and professional body regulations and codes of conduct/practice are also covered to ensure that therapists work within the current required frameworks and guidelines and processes provided. As the nature of digitally delivered therapy can cross international borders, the legal/commercial implications are also presented and how to work internationally is presented. The ICCHP provides online training to almost 5000 students globally, so we understand how to manage, engage and support a global digital infrastructure; we also use video classroom delivery to our global students, so we appreciate how to get the most from the technology and overcome any technology related issues that may arise.
Attendees have unlimited 24/7 lifetime access to the course material, which can be accessed through a PC, tablet computer or smartphone via a mobile app. Any future updates/additions to the course are also included at no additional charge. The course is flexible so there are no time limits for completion.
Course Lessons Include:
An Introduction to Understanding Digitally Delivered Therapy
Digitally Delivered Therapy Compared to Traditional Face to Face Therapy
Article: Growing Market Demand for On-line Delivered Therapy
Effectiveness of Online Delivered Therapy
Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Delivered Therapy
What Do Clients Look for When Choosing Online Therapy
Overcoming the Challenges of Delivering Online Therapy
Are You Ready and Prepared to Go Online?
Client Safety, Legal & Ethical Practice Considerations of Online Delivered Therapy
Technology Considerations For Delivering Online Therapy
What Technology Should I Use to Deliver Online Therapy?
Example Case Study - End to End Online Hypnotherapy Engagement
Edited Client Session Video
Participant Discussion Forum
Articles of Interest
On-line Therapy Providers
Professional Bodies
Links to Video Conferencing Applications & Other Resources


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Ref No: 2421
Practice Management Master Class
Distance learning
This distance learning online delivered master class includes all aspects of setting up and
managing a hypnotherapy practice. It includes live video of the classroom teaching
sessions, course notes and resources.
This master class will provide you with information and ideas to help get you started in
practice as a hypnotherapist and also inform you how to build your practice ongoing, which
could be one of the most difficult challenges you may face as a hypnotherapist. Learning
from others who have been through these challenges will help you to overcome these and
plan your growth in practice.
Topics covered include:
• Building Your Practice Introduction
• Fit to Practice
• Ready to Practice
• Preparing a practice business plan.
• What am I trained in, competent, confident and comfortable to offer as a service to
• What are my skills? How to use these effectively.
• Target and types of clients? Thinking outside of the traditional box.
• Locations: Where to practice?
• Competition?
• Using Skype with clients.
• Setting up a website.
• The Bottom Line to Your Bottom Line
• Financial considerations. What to charge? What can I afford?
• Financial planning and budgeting.
• Branding or not?
• Business structure. Sole trader or company?
• Administration, Record keeping, Legal & Data Protection.
• Forms, client information sheets.
• Storing records - paper and electronic.
• Book-keeping.
• Ethics & conduct (GHR, CNHC).
• Stationary & printed material.
• Insurance.
• Marketing, Promotions & Advertising.
• How to obtain clients.
• Networking (making the right friends).
• Private/NHS.
• How to obtain referrals (secret to future growth).
• Organising group talks.
• TV, radio, press exposure opportunities.
• Using social media.
• How to use and set up a Facebook ad.
• How to use and set up a Google Adwords ad.
• CNHC/GHR guides and guidelines.
• ICCHP and External Resources Available
• Online access resources.
• Website hosting/development.
• Courses/subscriptions/CPD.
• Online support groups.
• What to watch out for and avoid, save your money! One mistake like signing up for
a special offer deal to put you on a list will cost you more than this master class.
How to spot and avoid these scams will save you money.
• Much more is presented and provided. All your questions, worries and concerns
• Resources and References
• Attendees have unlimited 24/7 lifetime access to the course material, which can be
accessed through a PC, tablet computer or smartphone via a mobile app. Any future
updates/additions to the course are also included at no additional charge. The
course is flexible so there are no time limits for completion.


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The Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis
(Adam Eason)
Location: Online

Ref No: 2804
Hypnotherapist Business Development Academy Online Course
£300 (inc VAT)
Every hypnotherapist should and can be running an effective, prosperous, flourishing business. Join this academy programme to develop your business, to help you achieve the dreams you have for your business or to simply take your hypnotherapy business to the next level.
This programme is for practicing professional hypnotherapists. It is run entirely online so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home or office wherever you are in the world. Each lesson is accompanied by written notes, guidelines and instructions to help you derive the most gain from each session.
Is The Course Right For You?
Have you struggled to get clients?
Do you love being a hypnotherapist but question if it is a viable full-time career?
Do you want to reach more people and make more of a positive impact upon the world?
Have sought solutions from experts that did not deliver?
Are you conflicted?
Feeling pain as a result?
I once felt exactly that way too!
I have been a full-time hypnotherapy professional since 1997. When I started out, I was in my early 20s, with very little life experience, a pretty poor education in hypnotherapy (unbeknownst to me at the time), no entrepreneurial skills or knowledge, and I struggled, boy did I ever struggle!
I was paying for advertising, paying for expensive offices in Central London, paying for professional memberships, paying for insurance, paying for a website, and that is before I even mention the cost of living and leading a life to feel good about! I got into a lot of debt, verging on Bankruptcy, my business was unsustainable, I was within a hair’s breadth of packing it in and returning to full-time employment as my family, friends, accountant and bank manager were all urging me to do.
It was a desperate time for me and gives me butterflies just recollecting it today. It felt like swimming in treacle, but tasted far worse. I put so much effort in, but was getting nowhere. I loved the field of hypnotherapy, but was getting nowhere. I could not understand it.
My last few pounds were spent on getting assistance from someone who coached me, mentored me and guided me, and things changed. I soaked up the advice, we explored what I was doing, I investigated and spoke to successful therapists, I studied what made people a success in this field. I got out of debt and learned how I could do what I wanted to do – to help others using hypnotherapy and earn a healthy living with a good lifestyle.
And so, some 20 years later, I am still a hypnotherapist. I have complete life autonomy.
I am a bestselling author in the field of hypnosis. My hypnosis audios sell globally. My work has featured on primetime television. My podcasts are among the most popular in the world (in this field). I run and own one of the most respected training colleges for hypnotherapy in the world – and my college graduates go on to have very successful careers in this field too.
I learned how to love the business of being a hypnotherapist. I learned how to attract clients. I honed it beautifully. Today I choose how I live as a result. I have been through two major economic crises while continuing to thrive and continuing to grow my hypnotherapy business.
What NOT To Do
The way in which hypnotherapists try to build their businesses absolutely baffles me, and I can tell you a few things for sure:
Getting provincial newspaper features do not fill you therapy rooms with clients, yet so many people seem desperate to do this type of thing.
There is no fixed answer that fits every hypnotherapist all of the time and there are no gurus to be found who have a singular answer that is right for you. Absolutely not.
Spending hours on your website are often wasted hours. Some of the busiest and most successful hypnotherapists in the world have terrible websites with very poor search engine rankings.
Having the slickest business cards and company logo will not pay for the lifestyle you really want.
You don’t need to spend hours mastering social media.
Trying to keep up with the latest advancements in technology is impossible.
You don’t need an advertising or PR budget and should not be paying for any advertising.
Being a hypnotherapist should not be stressful and should not lead to you needing therapy more than your clients.
Building your hypnotherapy business can be invigorating, fun and enjoyable.
In the last two decades, times have changed. The perception of the field of hypnotherapy has changed, there are more hypnotherapists out there than ever before, there is more information available about hypnotherapy than ever before. Things continue to change, rapidly. Just as we all engage in continued professional development to keep our skills relevant, fresh and up-to-date, so we need to understand how to develop our business effectively and how to keep attracting clients.
Today, I encounter many, many hypnotherapists at lectures, conferences, CPD trainings and other events. So, so many of them struggle. So, so many of them ask me the best ways to get clients, but it is virtually impossible to offer up a soundbite in a tea break that will transform them from desperate, isolated, eager hypnotherapist into successful, commanding professional with a healthy waiting list of referred clients.
The Solution?
You want to see more clients. You want to excel as a busy hypnotherapist. You want kudos. You want to serve the world and help as many people as possible to be well and benefit from what you know hypnotherapy can do You want these things and probably more besides; so what is the solution?
Be mentored.
Be coached.
Join this hypnotherapist business development academy.
Here’s a couple of the reasons why:
You learn from experience. Not just the experience of success, but also you learn from the often incredibly expensive, painful experience of your mentor.
You’ll have the support of your colleagues in the group and along with me you’ll be held accountable by them all as you become productive and advance your business.
You get to rigorously explore your existing approach.
You’ll get some truth. Often truth that is hard to swallow.
You get motivation. You’ll be fired up and inspired to learn how to triumph as a hypnotherapist.
You get insight.
You get to tap in to success.
You get to access your potential while someone holds your hand.
You’ll be held accountable and will make exponentially more effort than you realise was needed.
You’ll take massive, effective action that will send ripples into the world.
You’ll learn how to highly productive without necessarily expending a huge amount more effort.
You get to laugh and feel the full force of joy that can be had within such an academy of professional peers who all have the same goal as you.
Join us for our year-long online business development academy.
Yo are not given direct instructions, you are not made promises and you are not given any secrets to untold riches that you follow in robot fashion. You’ll explore, you’ll journey, you’ll discover and you’ll enter the world of enormous possibility.
You see, so many hypnotherapists do not spend enough time doing the right things. Those that actually do spend any time on business development are doing it highly passively, highly ineffectually and it is an impotent process. They end up being forgettable, unnoticeable, blending into the mass of hypnotherapists out there all doing pretty much the same thing, charging pretty much the same fees as each other, fighting it out for the very few clients who are actually surfing the net looking at therapists rather than taking a quality referral.
It pains me to encounter so many incredibly talented, dedicated, wonderful hypnotherapists who simply cannot make ends meet and end up abandoning the field, or worse, abandoning their dreams. This is all because they did not know any better and ended up following the norms that every other hypnotherapist does. You don’t want to be satisfied and relieved to just make ends meet, often seeming desperate for business in the eyes of clients, you want to thrive, excel and be in love with being a hypnotherapist.
If you love working in this field, have a passion for hypnotherapy but are struggling to make it work, then that can change. The reality is that it is relatively simple to build a healthy business and a liberating, satisfying, inspiring career as a hypnotherapist.

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The Therapists’ Business School
Distance Learning


Ref No: 2583
Business Success Course
Distance Learning
The secrets of creating a successful therapy business.
Are you struggling to attract enough clients? Are you worrying about money? Are you feeling uncertain?
It is a great shame if you are working as a therapist, doing the job you love, and yet finding it difficult to keep the business afloat. This is a very common problem. There’s nothing worse than worrying about how to pay your rent or your insurance, being upset when clients cancel, or even worse, having to give up on your dream and find another job.
The Business Success Course will give you the tools you need to build a thriving, successful, busy therapy practice. Broken into four weekly modules, the online course covers how to change your mind set, how to market your business and how to grow your business.
The course has been created using the experience of several successful therapists.
The Business Success Course will:
* Teach you how to be a successful business person
* Give you a variety of marketing strategies
* Allow you to build a thriving practice
* Stop you worrying about money
* Allow you to work as a therapist as your main job
* Give you free time
* Allow you to manage your work around your other commitments
* Help you to earn a good income
* Allow you the satisfaction of helping people
* Show you how to establish a good reputation
* Give you the skills to be your own boss
The Business Success Course is £300. This includes:
* 4 weekly modules
* Workbook
* MP3s


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Inner Game Life Coaching Ltd
(Jason Demant)
Location: Distance Learning 


Ref No: 1018
Time management – Practical coaching tools
3 hour training

How do you help clients
* really manage time better?
* get organised?
* who give ‘excuses’ such as feeling lazy or overwhelmed with no time?
* fit it all in and still have ‘me’ time as well?
This information-packed workshop is all about practical tools which you will use immediately with clients. Discover life coaching tools to help clients:
* find more time on a daily basis
* make better decisions and see concrete and clear improvements to productivity
* learn how to have guilt free leisure time, having completed all your important tasks
A previous course participant said:
"The time management course allowed me to revaluate time through a different perspective. I will be using the course materials for many years to come." Edwin, Finchley, London


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