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Sue Haswell
Venue: Dawlish Manor House Old Town Street, Dawlish DEVON

Ref No: 2637
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Diploma - Three full days
Intensive, 3-days, in-person learning
A fun and experiential NLP training course, to qualify at NLP Diploma Level
£325 early birds, £395 standard fee
17-19 March 2021, 10am to 5pm daily
Why train in NLP?
Whether you want to gain your NLP qualification to be an NLP Coach, NLP Practitioner, for improved confidence, better communications skills, management, personal development… or just to discover how to become your own best ally, achieving the results you know you want, using positive language, behavioural patterns, brain-training and numerous other skills: This NLP Diploma Course is a full THREE day training, and a valuable qualification. It also makes up the first 3 days of the 10-day Practitioner Training.
(If you choose to train in the NLP Practitioner afterwards, we will deduct your NLP Diploma costs from the NLP Practitioner Training)
In total the diploma programme provides 3 days experiential learning – in the classroom
-In addition there will be homework and extra practice assignments
-and you'll get a 121 coaching session with the course leader, to ensure you have the learning and skills expected.
-you’ll receive a comprehensive manual which is provided as a PDF for you to print or read on your device. (This is useful for the course, and as a reference for years to come)
Printed handouts are provided for exercises, throughout the course
What to expect?
We have developed our NLP training to use techniques that will support your learning in a structured and experiential way. We offer flexibility, so you can tailor YOUR learning to suit YOU. Your learning experience will be challenging and very hands-on. We have created a programme that involves lots of demonstrations, activities, practice opportunities and ongoing assessments.
NLP Diploma Training Course Content:
What will we cover on the 3-day Diploma course:
•Introduction, history, pillars and presuppositions of NLP
•Behavioural Flexibility – understanding why and how the flexible approach is the winning approach.
•Rapport – creating deeper, more meaningful connections with people. Understanding how to manage Rapport.
•Understanding the link between mind and body, and how to influence yourself using mind/body.
•VAKOG – the sensory modes of taking in information. Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Olfactory, Gustatory
•Eye movements and their connections to communications
•Conscious and Unconscious Mind
•NLP Communications Models
•Meta Models – the thinking that is driving you – and how to manage it, so you can drive the thinking
•State Management (How to manage your own state, manage nerves, etc)
•Anchoring, goal-setting and outcome thinking – to better get what you want, when you want it.
•Sensory Acuity work, using VAKOG and beyond – deepening and supporting your sensory acuity.
•Understanding how others experience the world too.
•Creating changes for yourself and others – goal-setting thinking, goal management, belief-change to empower yourself.
–Membership of our online NLP group for ongoing discussions, practice etc
–Special rates for upcoming trainings and events.
Course info
Tea/coffee provided. Lunch by your own arrangement. The venue is close to the town, with an array of shops and cafes, or you are welcome to bring lunch with you each day to eat at the venue.

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