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(Steve Burgess)
Venue: Webinar

Ref No: 2350
24th October 2019, 7pm
Webinar - replay link of live broadcast
Four in-depth scripts that can help resolve depression
Would you like to learn some new ways to work with depression? Using basic hypnotherapy for depression is not always advisable; however, it IS possible to use hypnotherapy with depression provided that it is done in a creative way, in a way that empowers the depressed individual.
For this Hypno-training Webinar I have created four Ericksonian scripts that are designed to intervene in specific aspects of a typically depressed state. Each of the scripts is designed to allow change to take place within the client's sub-conscious in a subtle and meaningful way, using the creative powers of the sub-conscious. The scripts use a combination of Ericksonian language patterns, metaphors, conversational hypnosis and indirect suggestions to lead the client into a different frame of mind. They can be used both as stand-alone scripts or in conjunction with other therapy techniques. Each of the scripts is over 2,000 words long and breaks down the experience of depression into different components so that the subconscious can resolve the negative mind-frame that under-pins depression.
During the live webinar Steve will also be sharing with you information about how to work with depression and analysing the scripts and their various aspects. You'll have chance to ask questions as we go along, and you will really learn some in-depth knowledge in order to help your clients to heal from a problem which affects so many people in the world.
If you want to become a more successful therapist this training webinar is for you. I really hope you can make it! Book now. A replay link will be available if you can't make it on the night.

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Ref No: 2343
25th September 2019, 7pm Webinar (replay link available after the live broadcast)
A really special therapy technique that can help with any issue
I was highly fortunate to attend a training course given by Rossi in the early 1990's and I can honestly say that it changed my life and shaped my professional career and success as a Hypnotherapist. For me Rossi is a genius! I rarely share this technique but it's one which is dear to my heart; I'm looking forward to demonstrating you it to in this new Hypno-training Webinar. It's easy to learn, very effective with a range of client issues and quite unusual. As well as this powerful technique I'll be sharing with you an extra Rossi technique that is very creative and which can help clients in so many ways.
Rossi worked with Milton Erickson for the last 8 years of Erickson's life and was instrumental in bringing much of his work to light. Like Erickson he became a highly creative hypnotherapist who believed that the client's subconscious should do the work in therapy sessions, and both the Rossi techniques in this webinar does just that.
Join me for this live webinar, which consists of an explanation of Rossi and his ways of working, a demonstration of the technique and a script.
Maybe Rossi can super-charge your professional career just as he did mine!


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Ref No: 2325

Webinars (replay link of live webinars)
£120 for 2 modules
Would you like to make the process of hypnotherapy a much easier and successful one for you and your clients?
Would you like to master the art of using indirect suggestions?
Are you ready to take your skills as a therapist to a whole new level?
Do you want to learn how to create change for your clients easily and effortlessly.
Then this course is for you!
Steve Burgess has been using Ericksonian therapy techniques for over 27 years and this online course allows you to add these techniques into your work and to deepen your knowledge of this style of therapy. Consisting of 2 webinars lasting around 90 minutes each, in Webinar 1 you will learn much about the technical aspects of Ericksonian therapy and how to use these amazing language patterns in your own scripts and client sessions. This means that you can start to use hypnosis in a conversational way in order to influence your client’s sub-conscious in a gentle yet profound way, helping them to overcome their issues and change their lives for the better.
Webinar 2 consists of analysing several Ericksonian scripts in order to understand how they are created and why they are so effective. The scripts are as follows:
Stop Smoking
Self Hypnosis
Change Your Life
Weight Loss
If you would like to develop your skills as a hypnotherapist this course is for you.
The course manual consists of around 50 pages (20,000 words) of text, so is a valuable resource for further study after the course is completed.

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Sussex Hypnotherapy Centre
(Daniel Jones)
Location: Distance Learning

Certificate in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
Distance Learning
GHR Discounted Price: $49. Usual Investment: $197.
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