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Hypnos Healing Therapies
(Wendy & David Lowe, WFH trainers)
Location: Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottingham NOTTS

Ref No: 2321
Geneline Therapy and Advanced Geneline Therapy Diploma
(Accredited by the World Federation of Hypnotherapy and the British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotherapists)
28-29 August 2021, 10am - 5.30pm
This workshop has been running for over 10 years. It uses mindfulness and acknowledgement, simple techniques derived from triune brain, evolutionary biology and a spiritual element for those clients who aspire to a greater overall understanding of being human.
The practical work will illustrate to you the value of this therapy, as attested by previous students:
“Did you enjoy it? Yes- very much; I enjoyed the workshop very much; Yes definitely; Yes.”
“Would you recommend it? Yes; Yes + definitely; I enjoyed the workshop very much and would recommend to anyone working with people's problems; Yes, very good.”
“I have recently retired from practice although I did use Geneline with a lot of clients and had some interesting and enlightening results”.
Day 1
Geneline Therapy
•Understanding the science of feelings that underpins simple therapeutic techniques and greater awareness of the subconscious body mind.
•Helping the client to quickly uncover the root causes of emotional response and conflict to a deeper level than the ISE.
•Helping the client to discover how they have been affected by inner conflict, trauma or coping and survival strategies inherited from ancestors.
•Aiding the client to understand and resolve the issues in a simple and direct manner.
•Releasing the client from guilt and shame because now “it is not my fault”.
•Bringing in a spiritual dimension for the many clients who accept the Laws of Attraction.
We cover:
•The body mind connection with reference to Bruce Lipton and Candace Pert.
•Peter Levine and the effects of trauma at a cellular level.
•Epigenomes; creating coping and survival strategies.
•Paul MacLean’s Triune Brain, its effect and usefulness in therapy.
•Evolutionary Biology and our primate connection.
•Techniques using mindfulness and the Triune brain with or without hypnosis.
•The complexities of Hidden Gain and ways to resolve them.
•Dealing with repressed emotions and feelings.
•How to introduce these concepts to the client for their greater self understanding and priming them to use the techniques for self-empowerment.
Day 2
Advanced Geneline Therapy
We build on the previous framework of new biology and mindfulness techniques to focus on dealing simply and easily with deep issues that frequently hinder or prevent therapeutic intervention.
You may uncover and deal with many of your own issues during the day.
We include:
•Working with perceptions of conception, birth and early years, we uncover current issues, genetic influences and unresolved trauma.
•Inner Child Work.
•We discuss and work on relationships bearing in mind traditional and social roles, instinctive primate reactions and inherited patterns.
•The importance of the unheard voice and unacknowledged stor
•How our client may become addicted to the chemicals associated with drama.
Where there is self-doubt and lack of trust, we can bring in an empowering spiritual connection.
This is a 50% practical workshop with PowerPoint display and a comprehensive manual. This therapy may be used for demonstrations and for phone treatments.

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