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NLP Centre of Excellence
(Jim Petruzzi)
Venue: The Beach - Conference Room Lake Side Littleborough GRT MANCHESTER


Ref No: 2378
Hypnotherapy and cognitive techniques for stress management in business and Sport
5th December 2020, 10am to 4pm
Your course facilitator
With Jimmy Petruzzi a World Renowned High Performance coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer, Award Winning Coach, Bestselling Author, TV Presenter, award winning speaker, developer of Cognitive Reprogramming and cognitive reprocessing Radio Broadcaster, Musician
Course content
This course has been designed to allow delegates to analyse their own responses to pressure and produce practical strategies to face daily challenges and become more effective using Hypnotherapy and Cognitive approaches in business and Sports
Stress leads to a state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion that can interfere with your ability to successfully keep up with your commitments and effectively run your business. Burnout, financial difficulties
Many of the happiest, most successful, well-adjusted people are those who have learned to respond to high levels of stress in a positive and balanced way
In a world where weíre constantly rushing around: We all know that life isnít that simple and that throughout our journey in life we might face numerous challenges, problems and setbacks.
Sometimes we take a hit. We fall ill, lose jobs, fight with loved ones, financial worries, being overworked you are under a lot of pressure, struggling with your health, donít like your job, lack a sense of direction or a feeling of hope.
The difference between people who succeed in life and those who donít is their ability to face life challenges correctly and not the absence of challenges.
This workshop will help you discover how to turn defeats and setbacks into successes: Improve your ability to grasp what is driving a particular situation and adapt your behaviour to gain the most beneficial outcome.
Using cutting-edge techniques, this interactive seminar will empower you with the techniques you need to get the best out of yourself and others in business and sport .
The quality of your performances in business and sport is largely determined by the quality of the mental states you live in day to day, and your ability to adapt Ė states like gratitude, love, anger, happiness, fear and excitement.
There are two main ways to control your state of mind. Either by controlling the way you use your physical body, or by controlling your focus of attention and the way you interpret it.
What happens in your life does not determine how you feel. How you feel is only the result of how you are using your own mind and body at any moment.
Sport and business is a difficult arena to succeed in. Using cutting-edge
Hypnotherapy and cognitive techniques with Jimmy Petruzzi will empower you with the techniques you need to get the best out of yourself and others. From high-paced sales to the management of successful teams, this workshop enables you to adapt and succeed in an ever changing environment.
Elite athletes know that there is as little as 1% difference between being the best, and being at the back of the field. This workshop is a simple, concise and ground-breaking guide to Hypnotherapy and cognitive techniques that can give you that extra 1%, whether in sports, business or life in general.
What will I learn on the course?
By the end of the course you will have:
The importance of recognizing emotions
Awareness of emotions
Identify how to quickly reduce stress
How emotions and personality are linked to behavior and wellbeing
Explain the Cognitive cycle and ABC model
Demonstrate understanding of Personality types and beliefs
Provide understanding of The role of the brain in emotions ,Chemicals, hormones, and emotions
Brain plasticity and emotional functioning
Understand the importance of managing moods
Identify Factors that underlie the ability to regulate emotions
Demonstrate knowledge of The process of emotion regulation
Provide examples of the Differences between moods and emotions
Demonstrate competence of Cognitive techniques to manage emotions And Behavioral techniques to manage emotions
Understand the effect of The human mind, how it works & the mind / body connection.
Understand the Subconscious mindís re-programming and Fight or flight responses.
How our beliefs and values affect our reality
Provide knowledge of what is hypnosis
Understanding the importance Building belief and expectancy in your abilities and Placebos - How belief is key
Brain wave states, Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta.
Understand the effects of Stress on the body.
Provide knowledge of The relationship between stress and diet.
Explain the effects of Stress and Exercise - How to reduce cortisol in the system
Understanding Abreactions, Transference & Counter transference.
Creating affirmations and suggestions.
How techniques from NLP & CBT can work alongside Hypnotherapy.
The key points to hypnotic inductions.
Induction methods for the consulting room.
Many various induction techniques & Ideomotor Signalling.
Induce trance via progressive physical relaxation techniques.
Demonstrate ability to utilize Hypnotic language patterns for deep trance.
An awareness of Subliminal messaging in speech - Conversational Hypnosis
The significance of Suggestibility tests i.e. Eyelid lock, arm levitation
Self Hypnosis.
Demonstrate the ability to conduct Guided Imagery & Visualization
Demonstrate the ability to facilitate Anchoring good feeling associations. (NLP technique)
Demonstrate the ability to facilitate Breathing techniques.
Provide an understanding of Major Post hypnotic suggestion.
Knowledge of Techniques for stress, insomnia and panic.
Demonstrate the ability to facilitate Setting Goals to combat stress.
This course is for:
This course does not entitle you to be a hypnotherapist
The workshop is designed in such a way that even those with little or no experience will feel at ease and learn quickly, or experienced coaches and therapists who want to reinforce knowledge and learn new skills, all that is needed is a desire to learn and an openness to new ideas. Sections are taught in bite-sized chunks that are easy to digest, and are taught, demonstrated, and then practiced, so that students gain confidence and experience of each technique and theory, before moving onto the next.
The workshop is designed to complement your existing skill set with an extension of skills you can adapt to your profession
This course does not entitle you to be a hypnotherapist the skills on the coursed are aimed for an extension of the learners remit
Those who are working towards a rewarding career (full-time or part-time) as a professional clinical hypnotherapist
Hypnotherapists who have undergone only partial training in hypnotherapy and who want to improve their skills
Everyone interested in learning hypnosis and self-hypnosis for self-improvement and to help others.
There are a limited number of places on course. The small class size means that students can have plenty of individual attention.
Who is this course for?
Aspiring therapists
Human Resources
University graduates
University students
Business professionals


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Ref No: 2379
Skills for hypnotherapy practise Development
6th December 2020, 10am to 4pm
Your course facilitator
With Jimmy Petruzzi a World Renowned High Performance coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer, Award Winning Coach, Bestselling Author, TV Presenter, award winning speaker, developer of Cognitive Reprogramming and cognitive reprocessing Radio Broadcaster, Musician
Course details
This course will help you understand the critical factors impacting your business right now, then refocus and realign with the business strategy and psychology you need for competing and innovating
You can be excellent at your profession; an expert at your field and amongst the best! For example you can be an excellent personal trainer, coach, work shop presenter, though if you do not run as a business the chances are you will not survive in business.
To know where you need to go in any situation, youíll need a map. And the map must be up-to-date and accurately reflect the current landscape. To understand where you have to go, you must first be able to locate where you are on that map. To do that in business you must answer five critical questions. What business are you really in? Why did you get into business in the first place? Who are you and what is your core talent? Where are you in the lifecycle of the industry, and the economy, and as a business owner? And finally, whatís next? Today we will break ground on the path to your compelling future.
The importance of Knowing exactly where your business really is ó not where you think it is. The competitive advantages that put you in business and made you successful in the first place are almost certainly not sustainable moving forward.


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