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Lionheart Training 
(Steve Burgess)
Venue: Abbey Place Clinic Faversham KENT (as well as online)

Ref No: 2650
Reclaiming and Healing the Wounded Inner Child

Hybrid Course (if you’re unable to attend in person you can join the course online)
23rd – 24th September 2023, 9.30am – 5pm each day
There are also three online modules of 2 hours each in the weeks prior to the course beginning in Canterbury
‘Three things are striking about Inner Child work – the speed with which people change when they do this work; the depth of that change; and the power and creativity that result when the wounds from the past are healed.’
Thus speaks Inner Child ‘Guru’ John Bradshaw about these powerful healing techniques.
Although primarily used with adult traumas of childhood sexual abuse, Inner Child Therapy is also extremely effective when working with any form of childhood abuse or traumas, and can help clients suffering from a wide range of emotionally related issues including: lack of confidence; low self-esteem; relationship difficulties; sexual dysfunctions; phobias and depression to name just a few. Clients are allowed to work with their suppressed emotions in order to facilitate deep inner healings which enable them to grow and mature, in the process letting go of negative emotions such as anger, guilt, fear and inadequacy which have probably governed part or all of their lives. Inside every adult who has experienced a difficult or abusive childhood is a child crying ‘let me out’. Recovery of the Inner Child is a way to begin anew and to heal your life - it’s never too late to have a happy childhood.
This in-depth workshop will enable you to apply these psychotherapeutic techniques in
conjunction with your therapeutic skills and broaden your abilities immensely. The course is highly experiential and is an ideal way for you to assist your own inner healing, as some opportunity is given to work with your own Inner Child whilst on the course. A variety of techniques are taught, ranging from simple Inner Child visualisations, specific visualisations to heal typical aspects of childhood wounding, to structured Inner Child Therapy which requires the client to undertake homework between therapy sessions (including letter writing form their Inner Child).
The course consists of 3 online theory modules (lasting approx. 2 hours each) followed by 2 days of practical ‘in-house’ sessions at Abbey Place Clinic, Faversham. It is also a hybrid course, with attendees able to take part in the course online instead of attending in person.
Trainer: Steve Burgess has been practising as a Hypnotherapist for over 31 years and completed over 15,000 therapy sessions. He runs his own training organisation, Lionheart Training, delivering therapy courses around the UK and in Norway. Well known for his regression work (he has published 2 books on the subject of Past Life Regression) he has appeared on TV, radio and in a range of national publications.


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