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Clem and Margaret Turner Therapy Practice Training School
(Margaret Turner & Clem Turner)
Location: Sutton in Ashfield NOTTS (M1 Jct 28

Ref No: 2353
Certificate in Pain Management - One Day CPD Workshop
An eclectic approach to pain management
Date TBC, 10am – 4.30pm
Discounted Rate for members of the GHR, NCH & BIH: £150 (Standard Price £170)
This One Day Workshop is for qualified Hypnotherapists who would like a greater understanding of how to help their clients towards the management of pain. Our Pain Management treatments are proved tried and tested and have been helping clients for years to manage their pain and discomfort through the power of their own resources.
On the Workshop you will learn:
•Understand the different aspects of pain
•Understand the causes of pain
•Understand the pain gate theory
•The difference between necessary and unnecessary pain
•Understanding the principles of pain management
•All aspects of our Pain Management Programme
•Dealing with phantom limb pain
•Dealing with cancer patients
•Dental phobias
•Stroke rehabilitation
•A variety of different treatments useful in pain management
•Marketing techniques to help you gain clients
Your Tutor: Clem Turner
Clem has been helping clients who are suffering pain for many years. Over the years he has designed his own eclectic approach which is the subject of this workshop.
The cost of the workshop includes handouts, all scripts and forms, power point presentation, safe car parking, buffet lunch and refreshments throughout the day, certificate of attendance plus ongoing support by phone or e-mail. Places are strictly limited.


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NLP Centre of Excellence
(Jim Petruzzi)
Location: Distance Learning via Zoom

Ref No: 2474
Hypnosis, for depression and pain relief
25th September 2021, 10am to 4pm
Delivered online via zoom
Your course facilitator
With Jimmy Petruzzi a World Renowned High Performance coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer, Award Winning Coach, Bestselling Author, TV Presenter, award winning speaker, developer of Cognitive Reprogramming and cognitive reprocessing Radio Broadcaster, Musician
This course is for:
This course does not entitle you to be a hypnotherapist
The workshop is designed in such a way that even those with little or no experience will feel at ease and learn quickly, or experienced coaches and therapists who want to reinforce knowledge and learn new skills, all that is needed is a desire to learn and an openness to new ideas. Sections are taught in bite-sized chunks that are easy to digest, and are taught, demonstrated, and then practiced, so that students gain confidence and experience of each technique and theory, before moving onto the next.
The workshop is designed to complement your existing skill set with an extension of skills you can adapt to your profession
This course does not entitle you to be a hypnotherapist the skills on the coursed are aimed for an extension of the learners remit
Those who are working towards a rewarding career (full-time or part-time) as a professional clinical hypnotherapist
Hypnotherapists who have undergone only partial training in hypnotherapy and who want to improve their skills
Everyone interested in learning hypnosis and self-hypnosis for self-improvement and to help others.
There are a limited number of places on course. The small class size means that students can have plenty of individual attention.
Who is this course for?
Aspiring therapists
Human Resources
University graduates
University students
Business professionals
This course is in no way a replacement for any prescribed medication; nor is it intended to contraindicate or supersede any medically diagnosed conditions or designed to treat anyone or make any recommendation’s learners deploy techniques as part of any treatment plan. The course is for educational purposes

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Natural Healing
(Edyta Tchorzewska)
Location: Distance Learning

Ref No: 2342
Pain Management
Distance learning
•Body and Mind Connection
•Mind and Physical Illness
•Conscious Mind, Unconscious Mind and Human
•General approach to Physical symptoms caused by stress- Exercise with Client
•What is Pain and how to manage pain naturally
•Benefits of Relaxation- relaxation & breathing exercise, Self-Hypnosis training
•NLP Exercises for Pain Management
•How to get what you desire – Powerful Mirror Technique
•Mental Imagery for Pain Management and Illness
•Visualisation Exercise
•Laughter, Emotion
•Pain Relive Herbs and Essential Oils
•Sound Vibration Healing for Your Wellbeing
•Energy, grounding exercise and how to see your energy filed
•Reiki – energy healing
•Swinging Arms Exercise to improve Vascular and Respiratory Health


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John Dewar's School of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy
(John Dewar)
Location: Distance Learning

Ref No: 2458
Pain Management
E Version Training Manual in Pdf format

If you are already a Certified Hypnotherapist then you will be able to follow my Pain Management Guide.
Read how I have successfully helped many clients control or alleviate their Pain.
I (John Dewar School of Hypnotherapy) have been running training courses since 2006 and a practising Hypnotherapist since 2003.
Once you purchase the manual I will send you a Pdf copy by E Mail.
All the information you need to be successful as a Pain Control Specialist is contained in the manual.
There is no need for any Skype sessions or anything else as these are so easy to understand.
All the tools and techniques are tried and tested by me and other Hypnotherapists.
If you do feel the need to speak to me then that is ok, just call me.
You can read reviews on my Google page.
A word of caution:
You must not treat undiagnosed pain unless you are medically qualified.
Do not assume the right to treat pain at a conscious mind level.
as the sub-conscious might not agree.
The manual covers everything from Pain and “What it could be” to “Pain Causals” to “Obtaining Permission from the Sub-Conscious” to Reducing Pain to Controlling Pain.
Applying Anaesthesia to Removing Anaesthesia.
Using Gestalt Therapy to Changing Sub-Modalities and much more.
Below is a copy of the content;
39 pages of fantastic clear easy to follow material
All this superb material for only £55

3 Pain and what it could be
4-5 Acute, Chronic, Psychosomatic & Psychological
6 Pain Causals
7 Complimentary Alternatives
8-10 Pain Gate Control
11-12 Phantom Limb Pain Information
13 Communicating with Psychosomatic Pain
14 Obtaining Permission from the Sub-conscious
15 Prescriptive Therapy Visualising the Pain
16-17 Prescriptive Therapy Self Healing
18 Therapy Pain Scale
19 Prescriptive process for Instant Analgesia
20-22 Prescriptive process for Control Panel
23-24 Prescriptive process for Glove Anaesthesia
25-26 Prescriptive process for Gestalt for Psychosomatic Pain
27 Prescriptive process for Sub-Modality Explanation
28 Prescriptive Sub-Modality What are VAKOG
29-30 Prescriptive Sub-Modality Elicitation Tips
31 Prescriptive process for Sub-Modality
32-33 Prescriptive process for Sub-Modality Client Questions
34-35 Prescriptive process for Sub-Modality Comparison Tool
36 Therapy Client Consultation Form
37-38 Therapy Induction Tranquil Peace
39 Therapy Deepener Escalator


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The Oxford School of Hypnotherapy
(Reena Biswas)
Location: Distance Learning


The Oxford School of Hypnosis offers a range of approved CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses which count towards the GHR's annual CPD requirement for continued registration.
The aim of the masterclasses is to enable qualified hypnotherapists and other therapists experienced in the application of applied hypnosis, to add to their existing skills and knowledge.

1. Each CPD course requires the student to complete a homework assignment after studying the course notes. This typically consists of an analysis of a hypothetical case study.
2. The study hours are to be used as a guideline, and are in addition to the time required for completing the homework assignment.
3. Students should only enrol on a CPD course if the topic has not already been included on their practitioner level course.
4. Maximum time allowed for completion and submission of a homework assignment is one year, in order to receive a certificate.
5. Email/WhatsApp support is available to students enrolling on any of the listed online CPD courses.
6. The course notes are comprehensive, and there are no accompanying CDs or mandatory reading lists.

7. I am available for teaching CPD courses on behalf of other training schools and to groups.

8. Refunds are not available for online courses. Even if the document is emailed back, deleted and the Recycle Bin emptied, it remains on the hard drive of the computer, and can be accessed at any time, by anyone.
9. Prospective students are advised that they read the CPD course summaries, and ask questions or seek clarification, and only enrol on a course when they are fully satisfied that it would be suitable for them.


Ref No: 2580
Hypnotherapy for Pain Management
Online CPD Course
Research suggests that hypnosis has played some part in alleviating pain for well over a century. In many instances the client or patient is taught self or auto-hypnosis by the therapist in order to manage the pain, after a few initial sessions of hetero-hypnosis. This enables the individual to have more control over his or her life and also saves time and money, particularly if the pain is chronic.
Pain can be beneficial and harmful at the same time. The role of hypnosis is to control and manage pain the cause of which is known and the pain is not the subject of medical intervention.
This CPD course is aimed at practising hypnotherapists and other therapists experienced in applied hypnosis, wishing to add this specialisation to their repertoire.
Topics covered:
* Nature and types of pain
* Research into the application of hypnotherapy for pain relief
* Factors relevant to pain-management through hypnotherapy
* Strategies for alleviating pain through hypnotherapy
* Specific applications - pain associated with dentistry, obstetrics, surgery, old sports injury
* Scripts
* Case study
* Assignment
CPD hours: 7.5


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Academy of The Inner Mind

(Claire Jack PhD)
Location: Distance Learning

Ref No: 2115
Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain Management
Distance Learning
Chronic pain – defined as pain which last for more than three months – covers a range of conditions, including chronic back-ache, headaches, cancer related pain, fibromyalgia and arthritis, to name a few. Almost 50% of the UK population are affected at any one time and older people are especially likely to experience chronic pain conditions. With an ageing population, there is increasing demand for hypnotherapy as an alternative to the limited options provided by conventional medicine.
This course explores:
•What chronic pain is and how it differs from acute pain
•An overview of some commonly presenting chronic pain conditions
•The limitations of bio-medical approaches
•How to manage the initial consultation and client expectations
•Didactic work with chronic pain clients
•Signposting clients
•Working with GPs and other healthcare professionals
•Increasing client confidence and motivation
•Using solution focused approaches
•Using CBT
•Using anchors
•Using ‘pain relief’ techniques
•Improving the mind-body connection
•Releasing trauma related pain
•Using sub-modalities
This course is supported by:
•Client Handouts
•Video presentations
•Certificate on Completion
With every Academy of Integrated Hypnotherapy course you are assured the quality which comes from Dr. Claire Jack’s extensive teaching and research experience, as well as her considerable experience as a hypnotherapy practitioner.


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