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Balanced Approach Training

(Mark Peters)
Venue: ZOOM OR

West Midlands Hypnotherapy Centre Kings Norton, Birmingham W MIDS
2 minutes walk from Kings Norton train station.

There is free on-site parking and a good selection of low cost accommodation locally.

Ref No: 2504
8 steps to success – hypno-coaching
27 November 2021 Zoom, 9.30am-5pm
Coaching is primarily the process of defining a goal (destination) and supporting the client on the journey.
Hypnosis is primarily clearing blockages (limiting beliefs) causing a conflict between the conscious and unconscious (or primitive brain and executive brain).
I have been working in the fields of coaching and hypnotherapy for too many years to mention and starting combining the processes as clearly defining a goal that is both achievable and desirable requires a sensory-rich trance experience which is just hypnosis by another name.
The 8-step process takes the client from creating value and purpose through to an achievable action plan.


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Ref No: 2505
Therapy day for therapists
11 December 2021 Zoom, 9.30am-5pm
These past couple of years have put an unheard of strain on all of us, and the Mental Health section of the NHS has been overwhelmed with old and new clients. Their waiting list and time to obtain a consultation has doubled in some areas. If you consider that early intervention in many of these cases is paramount to the recovery time of the client, it is easy to see why I have personally been inundated by desperate people, the vast majority suffering from generalized anxiety and all the conditions that stem from it.
They don’t, as a rule, want to take anti-depressants, or anti-anxiety, medications while they wait for an NHS appointment, and many wouldn’t need them if they could get an early appointment. Some cannot even get a face-to-face GP session and others who contact Healthy Minds have a 6-month wait and so feel frustrated and look for other pathways they can take.
So why this day for therapists?
The reason I have listed this CPD day is, from a personal point of view, some days when I have seen a few clients who are overwhelmed with personal problems and the anxiety that comes with them, I feel I need a session myself !!!! or a strong cognac at least!!!!
So let's all have a day of fun, and a little bit of seeing things differently ourselves, let's make sense of the senselessness, and maybe learn new ways of dealing with our own and other therapists' problems, but in a different way. Hopefully, by December this will be at our Birmingham centre, but if you cannot get to us on that day, because of distance, or no places left, you can still join us on Zoom.


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