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John Dewar School of Hypnotherapy

(John Dewar)
Venue: The Holiday Inn Olympus Avenue, Tachbrook Park, Leamington Spa WARWKS


Ref No: 2356
EMDR Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing including hypnosis
17 June 2023, 9.30am-4.30pm
Join this fantastic interactive event designed for practicing Hypnotherapists.
An extremely powerful and versatile therapeutic tool and a must have for every therapist’s tool kit. Learn how to successfully treat traumas and other issues.
Our day covers:
The development of E.M.D.R.
E.M.D.R. Procedure
Preparing our client
Working with our clients. The questions to ask
Adaptive Information Process
8 stage process
Information recording methods SUD…VOC
The use and benefits of Hypnosis combined with E.M.D.R.
Our day involves:
Learning all of the above
Live demonstrations on cravings
Live demonstration on Single trauma
Presentation/Discussion on multiple trauma
Volunteers required
One on one practise using E.M.D.R.
Combining E.M.D.R. with Hypnosis
E.M.D.R. can be used for much more than just PTSD (Trauma),
I have successfully used E.M.D.R. on phobias, fears, guilt and more. We will not be spending the day talking through a manual nor face death by PowerPoint.
There will be an element of presentation and most of our day, 80% will be on practical use of E.M.D.R. We learn quicker and easier by doing.
We will practice on a Single Trauma or Event and then Multiple Traumas or Events. We will also cover & demonstrate the use of E.M.D.R. on cravings for Substance Abuse, Nicotine and Food. Think about how you learned to drive, and I bet nobody spent hours with his or her driving instructor reading the Highway Code.
We got into the car, and our instructor explained the pedals, mirrors etc. and we drove off and learned by doing. Our day will consist of me explaining then a live demonstration then you pair up and do the same. Your manual will be presented to you on commencement, and we will refer to it as and when necessary.
Some slides will be used to cover some of the protocol.
You will experience and practise this powerful therapy tool several times during the event.
What you will receive:
A 22-page course manual
Ring binder c/w punched pockets
Full course and client recording notes.
Exercise examples
The confidence to treat a wider range of difficulties
Tea/Coffee/Biscuits on arrival.
The Award: Diploma in EMDR incorporating Hypnosis
N.B. John Dewar Training School is not associated with EMDR Europe, EMDRIA or EMDR UK or any other EMDR association or register.
In order to avoid any confusion attending this course does not make you eligible to apply for membership of any EMDR association.


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Ref No: 2502
Inductions & Deepeners Event
Date TBC, 9.30pm - 4.30pm
Join this fun filled interesting event
Quick, Instant & Impact Inductions & Fast Powerful Deepeners
Impress your clients. Impress your friends
Free up session time, more time on therapy
Four important process stages
8 Word Induction
Using sounds to deepen
3 Word Induction
Magnets Induction
Eye Induction
Instant Inductions
Bridge of Nose Induction
Rapid Deepeners
Fall back
Shock inductions
Three Points Deepener
Catalytic Deepener
Kinaesthetic Deepeners
No more staircases
Sounds to deepen
Create Hypnotic Amnesia
Simple process words
A superb party “trick”
And more time permitting
You award is: Master Hypnotist Diploma
9.30pm - 4.30pm. Subject to amendment as time dictates what we complete.

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Ref No: 2411
Advanced Weight Specialist
Date TBC, 9.30am - ends before 5pm
Join me for a fantastic one-day event learning how I successfully treat clients for
Weight Issues, Imaginary Stomach Band and running Group Weight Sessions.
The day covers:
How to sell your expertise over the phone when your clients call
How to make your telephone ring often and regularly
How to overcome cravings
How to stop clients eating certain foods
Developing your skills in Aversion and Suggestive Therapy
The reason Diets fail and Hypnosis works
Parts Therapy and Re-Framing Parts
Using the Conveyer Belt
How to Start Client’s Exercising during SleepHow to Amplify the Post Hypnotic Suggestion to increase effectiveness
Understand the difference between price and value
How to Shrink Clients Stomach
Learn my fantastic Imaginary Hypnotic ‘Gastric’ Band & Adjusting methods
Discover how to run group sessions and gain group rapport in seconds
The day involves: Live demonstrations of some of my methods, which will include…Craving & Food Busters…Changing clients’ behaviour…Uncovering the Causal…Future Progression
What you will get:
A comprehensive session(s) running order for Weight & Banding
Sound effects of porter taking patient to theatre. Sent by E Transfer after event.
E version of my Training Manual after event. Plus hard copies during class.A prepared format for Hypnotic Gastric Banding Template for your own Group sessions, including all required material.
A quality 4 ring binder A quality pen
The confidence to charge what you are really worth.
Tea/coffee/biscuits. only on arrival
The Award: Diploma as an Advanced Weight Hypnotherapist


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Ref No: 2408
Parts Therapy Diploma Event
Date TBC, 9.30am-4.30pm
Join my fantastic event on Parts Therapy and improve your skills to help more clients resolve their “inner conflict”
The Day Covers:
What is Parts Therapy
Client Centred Vs. Therapist Opinion
Inner child conflict
Silent therapy
When to use Parts Therapy
Preparing the client and yourself
6 Ps plan
Negotiate or Arbitrate
Using IMRs
Respecting the emerging part(s)
Questioning methods and Re-framing
Concluding agreement with the part(s)
Primary gains versus Secondary gains
The process
What to do if the issue returns
Our day includes: Presentation, discussion and live demonstrations with the opportunity to practise in a safe environment.
What you will get:
Comprehensive Parts Therapy information & instructions
Ring binder
A Pdf copy of my Parts Therapy Training Manual after the event
Gain the knowledge and confidence to help clients with problems such as but not limited to: Smoking…Weight and or Eating issues…Alcohol Abuse…Anger… IBS…Depression…Fertility…Psycho Sexual problems and much more.
The confidence to charge what you are really worth.
Tea/Coffee/Biscuits only on arrival
The Award: A Diploma as a Parts Therapist


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Ref No: 2409
Emotion Solutions Diploma Event
Date TBC, 9.30am - 4.30pm

This is the event that will give you the edge over other Therapists.
Discover how to resolve clients’ issues and difficulties… Overcome Phobias…Panic Attacks…Fears…Anxiety…Guilt…Sadness and more.
Deal with the cause of the difficulty - “Significant other”…Bereavement…Understand the message in your recurring dream.
Phobia Tools…to include…How a Phobia develops.
The difference between a Phobia and a Fear.
How to treat Phobias.
Fast Phobia demonstration.
TOTE system to measure effectiveness.
Change Sub-Modalities…This will enable clients to achieve a desired state as opposed to their current state. Including my 11-step process. Live demonstration.
Elicit Client Realisation…Discover how to help clients and yourself realise/understand the cause of their issue. Live demonstration. An effective Psychotherapy technique prior to Hypnosis.
Release Negative Emotions…Guilt…Anxiety…Sadness…Anger and more
Gestalt Therapy and or Gestalt Dream Work…Understand & Experience Gestalt Therapy and the fantastic change achievable, including achieving bereavement closure.
The day involves
Live demonstrations of techniques.
The opportunity to practise with your fellow course members.
What you will get: Apart from a fantastic, interesting and rewarding experience.
The knowledge and ability to deal with a wide range of difficulties.
The confidence to charge what you are really worth. Achieve more rest time.
A comprehensive set of course notes/instructions
Ring binder and other material
Tea/Coffee only on arrival.
The Award: Diploma as an Emotion Solution Specialist


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