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RKS Paradigm Shift

(Kay Nishimura)
Location: Central London

Ref No: 821
Power of Protection and Energy Maintenance – Meditation, Clearing and Protection
Foundation and Essential Class for your psychic development

Please Contact us with preferred time and days (couple of options). Skype session is available.

£210  (100 mins) - by Private teaching

£175 (140 mins) - by Group teaching
Anyone can attend.
Without protecting you and your energetic body, even simple everyday things such as going outside, interacting with people, and practicing healing, hypnotherapy and psychic reading, can be dangerous for us.
Without properly connecting with the Light source and providing healing and therapies, it is dangerous not only for you but also for your clients and others.
You will learn the following essential tools to connect with the Light, clear your energy and protect you daily through meditation and visualisations.
Through utilising these tools and modalities;
* Your emotional clatters will be cleared and you will be able to balance your emotion.
* You will be less affected by people’s emotion and expectation around you, especially negative energies.
* Your stress level will be reduced and will be able to get connected with your inner peace.
* You can get grounded, feel happy and be at your centre.
* Mentally you will be more stable and secure.
* You can live a life realistically and positively, can manifest what you want.
* Your mind and head are sharper and clearer.
If you are a healer, psychic, therapist and hypnotherapist;
- It is essential for you to protect you as a therapist from any negative energies and evil spirits while you are practising, and you will learn the tools to maintain your energy and protect you.
- Without protecting you properly, you as a therapist may flow your energetic garbage to clients and affect them with evil attachment and their forces.
- Some tools among those below can be used for spirit release and exorcism work for your own protection.
- This class provides you the basic and essential elements to develop your psychic, protect you as a therapist and become a high quality psychic, healer and therapist.
You will learn:
Part 1:
- Who you are, why you are here
- What it is to be Human, have Human energy, and an energetic field?
- Psychic sense and perceptions
- Why it is important to clear your energies and get rid of your ego
- What Chakra is and its function, also where it is
- How to meditate properly
- Protection for a meditation place and you
- Proper posture
- Proper breathing
- Proper grounding
- How to be at the centre of your being
- Chakra clearing and self-cleansing by releasing negative energy
- Chakra revitalization
Part 2:
- Connection with the High Dimension and supply energy
- Protection of your energy field and boundary - it is essential to know various methods to protect you in order for you to deal with different energies and situation.
- Special Prayer of protection connecting to a Divine Consciousness to protect you for spirit release and exorcism work (This is a “Must” item to have for any spirit release hypnotherapists, healers and exorcists).
- How not to be affected by others, negativities and evil forces
- Stress Detox
In order to:
- be positive
- reduce stress, anger, and relax
- clear your energy daily by yourself
- be at the centre of your being at all times
- manifest your wishes and dreams into reality
- make sound judgments
- have peace of mind, and to be less influenced by external forces and events
- not be attached by undesirable entities
- not be intruded upon by others thereby draining your energy

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