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Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training
(Debbie Waller, BA Hons. AdvDipH. AdvDipPSM.)
Location: distance learning


Ref No: 2442
Meditation Class Teacher Certification – classification meditation/home study
£95 (10% discount for GHR members)
There is a large body of evidence to show that regular use of meditation and relaxation techniques help to reduce stress and anxiety and promote a good work/life balance.
This course concentrates on the practicalities and logistics of running meditation classes; presentation skills, dealing with challenging class members, suitable class themes, planning classes and courses, advertising and so on. This means it is useful to you whether your approach to mediation is secular or spiritual. It also means you have skills which can be generalised to running other types of group.
It enables you to:
-be aware of the history and traditions of meditation
-have an understanding of how meditation can be used for stress reduction, relaxation and personal development
-be able to plan, organise and market meditation classes
-be aware of wider considerations such as insurance, ethics, health and safety
-be aware of a variety of secular or non-denominational meditative techniques
-know a variety of subjects which can be used for focused meditation classes
-be able to handle class dynamics and motivate students
(Please note - the course focuses on the practicalities of designing, organising and presenting classes. We do include some basic information but the course assumes you already have some familiarity with meditation, self-hypnosis or similar techniques. If in doubt please contact the organiser.)
Accreditation: The course is validated by the ACCPH, and registered with the CMA.
How it works:
You receive a comprehensive set of notes, and a Teacher's Handbook giving you plenty of ideas and techniques to use in classes.
You also receive a workbook which you complete as you work through the notes and submit to us for feedback when it's complete.
You submit a ‘case study’ which involves organising and running a meditation class for at least four people and lasting for at least an hour. You can hold your class face-to-face or online.
We wouldn’t feel right issuing a teaching-based certificate without seeing you teach, so we also ask for a five-minute presentation which can be completed live by Skype or Zoom or recorded and sent to us with your workbook.
You can start this home study course at any time and there is no time limit on completing it.


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