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(Tod Cury)
Venue: ICCHP Pimlico Academy, Lupus Street LONDON

Ref No: 2710
Past Life Regression Therapy
11 & 12 May 2024, 10am - 6pm
This two day course will provide you with a wide range of tools and techniques enabling you to navigate safely, and thoroughly, through a past life healing session. These sessions are not for the casual tourist, but allow really profound healing to take place. The skills you acquire will allow your clients to gain a greater understanding of who they really are and why they react the way they do in certain situations and with certain types of people. You will learn how to help them resolve unfinished business, deal with their karma and change any unhelpful soul plan contracts that may be holding them back. As a result of this clearing and the resolution it brings they will be able to get rid of fears, doubts and limiting beliefs as well as many unexplained physical symptoms, that prevent them from achieving what they want in life.
You will receive a thorough understanding of the process and have an opportunity to both experience and practice the techniques; leading to successful, insightful and empowering Past life therapy sessions.
You will learn how to establish clear goals for the session and ensure that the client really gets what they need.
You will learn a variety of ways to access past lives and how to navigate through them to get the information you need. You will learn of the importance of the death point and the valuable information that needs to be garnered at this time.
You will learn how to uncover karmic lessons and connections and deal, therapeutically, with people, events and emotions that come up. You will also learn and acquire a variety of tools which can help people to heal – especially physical damage that may have occurred during past life experiences.
You will help clients to make sense of their relationships and enable them to deal with unresolved karma or any unfinished business. You will also help them to identify who their soul group/ soul mates are and learn more about the challenges they have chosen to explore with them and why.
You will learn how to help your clients to clear away any negative vows, or contracts, they may have made and replace them with more positive and beneficial ones.
You will learn how to use re framing, positive anchoring and affirmations in a past life setting and use future pacing to firmly install new feelings and beliefs.
You will also learn how you can provide support for your clients as they undergo their changes and a set of tools that you can provide your clients with as they go forward.
About Lorraine:
Lorraine works as a transformational therapist, using a process called Inner Freedom Therapy. This utilises the tools of hypnotherapy, past life therapy, lives between lives, inner child therapy, ancestral healing and spirit release. Over the last 14 years Lorraine has helped thousands of people from all walks of life to overcome their fears and limiting beliefs so that they could reach their full potential, this includes many stars of radio, television, music and film.
Lorraine holds an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and has taught Accelerated Learning Skills and Communication Skills to medical students, dentists and midwives in many universities including UCL, Oxford and Cambridge for over 8 years. Lorraine is a Master Practitioner of NLP and spent 7 years on the assisting team of Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler. She has a Diploma in Regression Therapy, a Certificate in Life Between Lives and a Train the Trainers certificate from The Regression Academy. She is certified in Future Life Progression and is a director of the Past and Future Life Society - created by Anne Jirsch.
Lorraine also works as a corporate coach helping individuals and groups with Stress Management, Presentation Skills, Communication and Influencing Skills. She is Usui and Angelic Reiki trained and I has attended many courses in spiritual and Shamanic traditions both in this country and around the world.
Lorraine is a full member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association and the Past Life Therapists Association. Lorraine has a practice in Belgravia, runs workshops on finding Inner Freedom and Past Life Regression and retreats around the world called 'The Way to Inner Freedom' and 'Get Over It'. Her book entitled Healing with Past Life Therapy, Transformational Journeys through Time and Space, is based on the incredible experiences of her clients' sessions and the powerful healing that takes place as a result of this work.


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The Hypnotherapy Academy
(Holly Wincote)


Your trainer Holly Wincote is a qualified trainer and therapist, for Hypnotherapy, Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) and NLP with her own busy private practice working with clients and over 25 years combined hypnotherapy and training experience. Courses are designed and delivered to encompass different learning styles which ensure they are engaging as well as fun and that all delegates gain maximum benefit.

Ref No: 2703
Certificate in Past Life Regression (CPLR)
LIVE ZOOM WORKSHOP – 1 day course: 7 hours CPD
Saturday 13 April 2024, 9.30am to 4.30pm
Saturday 30 November 2024, 9.30am to 4.30pm
This one day CPD course is suitable for qualified and trainee hypnotherapists, as well as other practitioners with experience using hypnosis. Learn the skills to help you gain further knowledge about Past Life Regression and work effectively and confidently with clients. Past Life Journeys can be explored purely for interest, or to help identify and resolve issues in a previous life (or lives) which have been carried forward causing a problem in the present life. The day includes demonstrations and practical exercises to practice facilitating a PLR session and to experience a past life journey yourself if you wish. A comprehensive Course Manual and Course Workbook is provided via email prior to the course which includes everything covered on the course, along with the scripts to use with clients:-
• What is Past Life Regression & What are Past Life Memories?
• When to use PLR and what issues it can treat, including PLR for interest
• Preparation for PLR and how many Past Lives
• Different methods of Regression
• Locating source experience(s) and asking the right questions
• Recovering and releasing memories
• Dealing with Death - with emotion or without emotion
• Healing, achieving closure and Re-integration
• In-between lives
• Complete session timetable and content for therapy plan


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Balanced Approach Training

(Mark Peters)
Location: Live via Zoom


Ref No: 2676
Regression (current life regression not past life regression)
19 May 2024, 9.30am – 4.30pm
Live on zoom
The focus will be on current life regression not past life regression and will include
• Deep Trance Identification
• Affect Bridge
• Application of Timelines
• Hypno-Coaching
This will connect to the previous two days to build a holistic skills package enabling greater flexibility in client change work.
Analytical Hypnosis
Much of hypnosis could be classified as ‘suggestion therapy’ as the language used builds on metaphor, direct and indirect suggestion. Analytical Hypnosis follows much of the path of analysis in the vein of Freud and is very structured of 8 sessions. This day will work through the structure and application of this specific style of hypnotherapy and its application in getting to the route course of problems; this enables change to happen by dealing with the ISS (initial sensitising event).
* May CPD dates can be booked as a 3-day block for £300.


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Oxford School of Hypnotherapy
(Reena Biswas)
Location: Online

1. All the CPD courses are offered in online format, The course material is comprehensive, with an assignment at the end of the notes. There is no accompanying webinar or video.
2. The time allowed for completion of each CPD course is one year, including submission of the assignment, in order to receive an e-certificate. The exception is the Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy for which the maximum duration for completion is eighteen months.
3. Please enrol on a course only if it has not already been covered in your practitioner level course. There is no refund for an online course, as the notes remain on the hard drive of your computer and can be accessed at any time.
4. Email support is available for the duration of each course and three months after completion.

5. Reena has over 25 years' experience as a practising clinical hypnotherapist and over 15 years as a hypnotherapy trainer.

Ref No: 2673
Hypnosis for Past Life Regression
CPD hours: 8
Past life regression may be described as a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe to be "memories" of past lives or incarnations, though others may regard them as fantasies. The concept of past life regression and its use as a therapy is controversial. However, it is important to remember that the therapist should keep an open mind about this and not allow his personal beliefs to colour his judgement. If a client specifically requests past life regression therapy, this CPD course will give the practising hypnotherapist the necessary skill to offer this specialisation.
Topics covered:
• Research into past life regression
• Personal beliefs
• Techniques of past life recall
• Hypnosis and past life regression
• Danger of false memories
• Stages of a hypnotherapy protocol for past life regression
• Scripts
• Case study
• Abreaction
• Assignment


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Clem and Margaret Turner Therapy Practice Training School
(Margaret Turner & Clem Turner)
Location: Zoom /
Retford NOTTS

Ref No: 2658
Solution-Focused Regression Techniques – One Day Workshop Live via Zoom
Date TBC, 10am – 4.30pm
Discounted price for members of the GHR and NCH - £150 (standard price £170)
Online Via Zoom
Counts as 6 hours CPD
Many modern therapy training courses either overlook or actively disparage regression techniques. However, to do this, therapists are missing out on powerful techniques that can bring therapeutic benefits to a range of mental health issues.
Outdated knowledge about memory leads many trainers to believe that ‘dragging up the past’ harms clients and it is much safer or somehow ‘better’ to only look towards the future.
Each time we recall a memory, we effectively reconstruct that memory rather than 100% recall what happened.
This ability of the brain to change memories over time can be used to our client’s advantage in therapy.
With the use of hypnosis, mind-set and gratitude techniques, our brains can be taught to think differently, with the potential to leave trauma and anxiety behind.
In the Workshop, you will learn useable techniques, including:
●Regression techniques that work with emotions rather than memories
●Working with the Timeline™ to anchor emotional states
●Using Gratitude to reshape the brain - the benefits of neuroplasticity
●Hypnotic boxes™ - a powerful technique for relabelling mislabelled emotions - Labels are not locks
●The Mush Memory Technique for clearing intrusive thoughts
About your Tutor: Dante Harker
Dante is a multi-disciplinary therapist, utilising counselling, NLP, hypnosis, and mind coaching. He has developed an integrated approach to therapy over the last 20 years. Dante is also a certified counsellor, psychosexual specialist, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor. He is also a compulsive course taker!
What’s included?
The cost of the workshop includes worksheets to use with clients, all scripts and the presentation for later reference. Attendees also receive a certificate of attendance and ongoing support by phone or e-mail.
This workshop is live via Zoom
Commences at 10am
Break at 11.15 for 15 minutes
Break for lunch at 12.30pm for 30 minutes
Recommence at 1pm
Break at 3.15pm
Recommence at 3.30
Workshop ends at approximately 4.30pm


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Ref No: 2579
Past Life Regression – One-day CPD Workshop
For Self-Development and Therapeutic Change
12 May 2024
Discounted Rate for members of the GHR, NCH & BIH: £150 (Standard Price £170)
Online live via Zoom – counts as 6 hours CPD
Do you believe in past lives? If you do, then how interesting would it be to regress and see who you might have been in that past life? And on top of that, how great would it be to offer this as a service for your clients?
If you don’t believe, then how would you like to learn hypnotic techniques that give you a deeper insight into your own or your client’s subconscious?
Whether it’s actually a past life or not, there is insight in what our subconscious chooses to show us.
This course will provide underlying theory, research, and interesting science around past life regression. However, the majority of the course will teach you techniques to illicit past lives and allow you to practice those new skills, and use them with clients in the future.
In the Workshop you will learn:
•What is past life regression? Is it real? Does it need to be real to have therapeutic benefits?
•What does the research say? There are now countless ‘proven’ examples of past lives
•The first law of thermodynamics and Continuation Theory – Clever words that might just give an easy explanation behind past lives
•Do past lives have past lives? And what if this is your first-time round?
•Hypnotic techniques to regress into past lives
•Safety precautions when regressing into past lives
•Recording a past life for fun and where to go next
•Using past lives for therapeutic gain
•Princess or Pauper – how to gain benefit from past lives that just weren’t that exciting
•Fun or therapy – how to get the most out of the experience
About your Tutor: Dante Harker
Dante is a multi-disciplinary therapist, with over 20 years’ experience working with clients. He has developed an integrated approach to therapy including his own therapeutic techniques, Hypnotic Boxes™ and the brand-new Thought Vacuum™. He is also a certified counsellor, psychosexual specialist, NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach, EFT and Hypnotherapist (and compulsive course taker).
What’s included?
The cost of the workshop includes worksheets to use with clients, all scripts and the presentation for later reference, a certificate of attendance and ongoing support by phone or e-mail.


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Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy

(Lorraine Gleeson)
Location: Distance Learning


Ref No: 2916
This online training course will enable you to facilitate past life regression with groups and on a one to one with clients.
PLR (past life regression) is not evidence of past lives it is for people that have an interest in experiencing a past life that they may have lived. I do not offer PLR as a therapy to resolve problems today.
Learning Outcomes
•How to work with groups facilitating PLR
•Group Pre-Talk
•Group setting a Nice Place
•Group Journey back through this life
•Group The Journey into Past Lives
•How to facilitate a one-one session
Also Included in This Course
•A practical role play demonstration
•Scripts to facilitate one-one and group PLR
•A download of the PLR manual to print off and keep.
On completion of the online training course you will be able to download and print off your certificate of completion and will be able to facilitate Past Life Regression with groups and one-one.


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John Dewar's School of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy
(John Dewar)
Location: Distance Learning

Ref No: 2459
Age Regression
E Version Training Manual in Pdf format

If you are already a Certified Hypnotherapist then you will be able to follow my Regression Guide.
It really is step by step.
Read how I have successfully helped many clients to Regress to the initial cause of their Difficulty/Issue/Problem.
You can do the same.
I (John Dewar School of Hypnotherapy) have been running training courses since 2006 and practising Hypnotherapy since 2003.
Once you purchase the manual I will send you a Pdf copy by E Mail.
All the information you need to be a successful Specialist Regression Hypnotherapist is contained in the manual.
There is no need for any Skype sessions or anything else as these are so easy to understand. All the tools and techniques are tried and tested by me and other Hypnotherapists. If you do feel the need to speak to me then that is ok, just call me. You can read reviews on my Google page.
The manual covers everything from; Understanding the abbreviations, Explaining Regression to your client, Dealing with Ab-reactions, Preparing for your session, includes my Session Checklist, Assimilation and Integration back to now and much more.
Just follow my step-by-step process example.
Below is a copy of the content;
21 A4 pages of fantastic clear easy to follow material
All this superb material for only £55
Index Age Regression
3 Keys to Abbreviations
4 Client Explanation Example
5 Ab-Reactions and how to deal with them
6 Setting Safe Place
7 Setting IMR Ideo Motor Response
8 - 9 Session Preparation Check List
10 - 11 A Regression Sample Process Exercise
12 - 13 Assimilation and Integration
14 - 15 Dealing with “Resistance”. Example included
16 - 17 Understand Primary versus Secondary Gain
18 Induction Relaxed Body & Mind
19 - 20 Induction Tranquil Peace
21 Deepener Escalator


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