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Inner Game Life Coaching Ltd
(Jason Demant)
Location: Watford HERTS


Ref No: 2455
Advanced Weight loss and Emotional Eating Coaching Certification Course
7 classes of 3 hours length – plus 3 supervision sessions of one hour (by Skype or Phone)
This course is taught once a week in Watford. Choose a class on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings.
£699 (can pay by instalments)
This course includes all course content covered on the 12 hour course (listed below), plus:
* Scripts of NLP visualisations for weight loss and guidance on their use
* Practical tools for stress management and time management so your clients have alternatives to eating when under pressure
* How anxiety, poor boundaries and low confidence affect eating and what to do about it
* All the paperwork you need: From initial questionnaire to recording client progress and assessing your sessions
* Three session practical and supervision with a volunteer client
Taking deeper care of your clients' emotional lives will place you as a more rounded, better skilled professional, and in greater demand.
Course includes:
* 25 hours in person teaching time
* Short assignments between sessions
* Three sessions with a volunteer client
* Course manual
* Certificate of course completion


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British Hypnosis Research and Training Institute (Est 1979)

(Stephen Brooks)
Location: Online Distance Learning

Ref No: 2955
One Year Practitioner Diploma in the Theory and Principles of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Counselling Trainer: Stephen Brooks
Distance Learning
BHRT offers a one year online distance learning course leading to a Diploma in the Theory and Principles of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy & Counselling.
Over 6000 people have studied on this course and you can now study Ericksonian Hypnotherapy from your home, café or even when sitting on a park bench and learn how to make a genuine difference to the lives of others.
You will be able to help people overcome life-long problems, overcome pain, fears, phobias, weight issues, smoking and lack of confidence. Plus you will be able to do this indirectly in a way that makes others feel they’re responsible for the changes.
Who should attend?
This course is especially designed for people working in healthcare professions like psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, psychologists, doctors, nurses, and social workers. It is also an excellent way for people working in fields such as education, management or entertainment to learn how to communicate more effectively. Some people also take this course for their own personal development.
Course content
This course has a unique concept of multi-level learning; acquiring principles, concepts and structures at the conscious level while developing intuitions, experiences, and creative strategies at the unconscious level.
The online course includes:
•Weekly video lessons about Ericksonian principles, techniques, skills and language patterns
•Monthly videos of hypnosis pioneer Stephen Brooks doing full therapy sessions with clients (over 45 hours of therapy sessions)
•Video commentaries by Stephen Brooks explaining everything that is happening in each of the therapy videos
•Weekly written lessons covering each skill and technique and principle
•Weekly discussion forums covering every lesson
•Ongoing assessment of your work with feedback 3 times a week
•Support from online tutors and previous students
Techniques and skills covered
The course is based on an extensive one year course syllabus covering all of Milton H Erickson’s techniques and skills.
The interventions taught on this course are designed to help people with issues like weight control, smoking, phobias, anxiety, pain control, stage freight, sport performance, self esteem. Depending on your general knowledge and experience as a coach, counsellor or therapist you can apply Ericksonian skills, techniques and language patterns with any psychological, emotional or social problem.
By the end of this course you will be able apply Milton H Erickson’s approach to:
•Establish deep rapport with almost anyone
•Guide people into trance easily and naturally
•Quickly get to the heart of someone’s problem
•Use hypnotic language in hypnotherapy or any other field
•Use hypnotic intervention for problem solving and goal achievement
•Solve your own problems with hypnosis
•Unleash your own unconscious potential and wisdom
Your Trainer – Stephen Brooks
Over the years Stephen Brooks has become one of the most respected hypnotherapists in the world and he has taught many of the biggest names in hypnosis and therapy today. His courses have run in over 20 hospitals and universities and are at the cutting edge of hypnosis training both academically and as skill based trainings. Stephen’s course is not a typical rote learned hypnosis course based on memorising scripts – his course is the most innovative, cutting edge online hypnosis training available, based on years of research and practice.
The online course features techniques, skills and principles that reflect the way that Ericksonian hypnosis has evolved over the past 30 years covering the major problems that can be treated with hypnosis.
Qualification & Accreditation
This course is recognized as an Advanced Level training by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council of Great Britain, the UK’s major accrediting body for hypnotherapy training.
If you are already a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, they will elevate your membership to ADVANCED PRACTITIONER status after completing this online course and two years in practice.
Dates and course fee
The course starts on the 1st of every month and runs for one year. The course fee is £1975.00.


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Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy

(Lorraine Gleeson)
Location: Distance Learning


Ref No: 2913
Certificate in Hypnotherapy online training
This online training course is for people with an interest in hypnosis and for hypnotherapists who want to further develop their knowledge and skills. The training is designed to be flexible and includes a full manual for you to download. We also provide scripts for you to use and there is even a relaxation MP3 for you to listen to yourself. We provide you with recommended home study exercises to help you to gain some real experience along with the learning.
Hypnotherapy is self-regulated and this online course will give you the tools to set up practice as a hypnotherapist. However, to gain a fully accredited Diploma, you will need to add classroom training.
Course Topics
The course includes the following topics:
•Introduction to Hypnosis
•Theory of Man
•Conscious and Subconscious
•Basic Techniques
•Ideo Motor Response
•Biological basis of hypnosis
•The Basic Formula
•More advanced Techniques
•Hypno-Neuro linguistic programming
•Specific therapies
•Psychophysiological disorders and medical classifications
Course Toolkit
The course teaches by using a variety of methods, these include:
•Practical role play demonstrations
•Talk through of the topics
•Question and Answer sessions
•Recording to listen to
•Script book to download
•Manual to download
On completion of the online training course, you will be able to download and print off your certificate of completion and will be able to practise as a Hypnotherapist.


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The Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis

(Adam Eason)
Location: Online

Ref No: 2801
Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma Online Course
£1,140 (inc VAT)
- Offers a clear advancement on your initial hypnotherapy training.
- Encourages academic, critical and reflective thinking on clinical practice, learning and ethics in hypnotherapy.
- Is substantive, distinctive and engaging; not simply ‘more of the same.’
- Provides new knowledge, skills, philosophies, approaches and techniques.
- Encourages a considered, respectful, yet critical approach to hypnotherapy research.
- Develops the practitioner’s extra-clinical abilities e.g. setting up a peer group, reflecting effectively and getting the best from supervision.
- Sets engaging and challenging homework that has practical utility in encouraging use of the skills learnt as well as developing a student’s understanding.
This ONLINE Advanced Hypnotherapy Course uses the video taken at our ten day intensive classroom course.
You are required to have a diploma level qualification for entry onto this accredited course. As well as being accredited CPD with the GHR and the GHSC, you will receive a certification and be able to use the title ‘Advanced Hypnotherapist’ upon working through this course and completing the coursework showing you have achieved the required learning outcomes.
An advanced hypnotherapy diploma needs to build upon and of course, advance existing skills and knowledge.
What’s Included?
- Models of hypnosis and an in depth analysis of theorising in hypnotherapy
Whilst we look at the evidence base for the models and examine the academic underpinnings and critiques of these models, we also debate and discuss the value of the academic approach, how it compares to the reality of the therapy room, and what that means for us as hypnotherapists. We learn and place great emphasis on how to convert knowledge and theory into practical applications that are directly useable in our hypnotherapy sessions.
We also learn how to make that information available to our clients to help them derive as much benefit as possible from hypnotherapy with you. We build greatly upon the existing understanding of hypnosis and how it is conceptualised.
In depth examination of psychological models of change
Beyond hypnosis, we learn about specific models of change that can be very relevant and applicable to the hypnotherapist. We examine highly evidence based models as well as models that are very popular among effective and pioneering therapists and we examine how they apply to hypnotherapy.
We critique and explore the models of change and how they can be used as an underlying philosophy that guides the hypnotherapist. Importantly, we again learn how to implement these models of change into our practical work in the therapy room to advance our own effectiveness and in turn, the benefits derived by the client.
- The underlying factors that facilitate change or hamper the therapeutic process
We closely revisit, scrutinise, build upon and then move beyond rapport and the working alliance. We progress to examining and managing expectations, methods of altering context and advanced ways to set a frame for effective hypnotherapy, we look at personal traits that impede therapy and how to deal with them, we examine extratherapeutic factors and a great deal more
Advanced questioning techniques and strategies
We learn how to use questions therapeutically, how to import questions from a wide variety of disciplines including the fields of coaching, CBT, family therapy, NLP and even explore the fields of philosophy and politics for advanced approaches to questioning techniques, types of questions and how they create change.
We also look at how to use questions to establish working alliance and advance the models of change and hypnosis we have explored in detail.
- Advanced Clinical Approaches
We examine a wide number of interventions that require diploma level understanding and draw upon a number of varying fields. We include many techniques used by some of the most prominent and pioneering therapists in the world. This includes approaches and techniques that require humour and provocation as well as specific approaches to language, and then also more standardised, sober, highly evidence based procedures.
There are many interventions, strategies and techniques here that will greatly advance the repertoire of any hypnotherapist.
- Advanced approaches to specific issues
We go into depth on dealing with some common specific issues – how to construct a treatment plan, the types of interventions to be used, we examine the evidence base, but also go into depth about how to research it for yourself too.
The knowledge of dealing with these specific issues will be transferable to many other conditions cited by your clients. The specific issues have been chosen due to the approach and methodologies employed being applicable to such a broad ranging spectrum of other issues that your clients present in therapy.
- Modern Advances in the Field
You are kept abreast of the up-to-date research, the most important recent breakthroughs and the methodologies used. You will also learn about popular methods that hypnotherapists are getting impressive results with that have little evidence, but have featured in the media or are being made popular by leading trainers and pioneers from the fields of NLP, CBT and hypnotherapy.
You’ll have techniques explained, new applications revealed and the latest concepts explored from the fields of cognitive psychology, neuroscience, academic hypnosis, CBT and how they can be used by hypnotherapists.
- Critical Thinking and Statistics
On this course, you are given insight into the processes that hypnosis scholars and academics employ, how researchers work and how to critically examine the work of academics in relation to the field of hypnotherapy and hypnotism.
We examine myths that pervade the field, we examine how to apply logic but also learn how to challenge academia, become aware of how we accept knowledge and examine the risk of too much personal theorising and investment in singular approaches or stances We also look at how to examine statistics, how they are used in the field of hypnotherapy and how they can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways.
We examine how the media uses statistics and how we can find the best use of statistics to give accurate, impressive and honest information to develop our hypnotherapy businesses and help inform clients and raise their beliefs.
We examine research methodologies and the ways hypnosis has been researched, as well as citing some of the flaws in that research, and of course how to access it – and what conclusions we can draw and also how this effects our practical work in real-life terms.
- Ethics and Ongoing Development
We examine a wide range of ethical issues surrounding the field of hypnotherapy and discover how to exact the highest ethical standards possible within our work.
We examine the ethics behind a number of popular techniques and approaches, how what we do influences our client’s lives beyond therapy, and we also examine how ethics can challenge us on occasion.
We examine in depth the best ways to develop professionally; we examine how to get the very most and best from supervision, reflective practice and CPD.
We then go beyond supervision, reflective practice and CPD and look at other ways to develop your skills, enhance your knowledge, and other avenues to develop your business.
You get a manual and lots of handouts as well as being guided towards articles, research papers, and core texts that will help you build and become a fully advanced hypnotherapist.
This Advanced Practitioner Level training is accredited with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) and the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and fulfils their requirements for this award.
You’ll receive your certification having attended class, actively participated in class exercises and completed the coursework.
The coursework is a single questionnaire comprising of essay style questions and 4 hypothetical case studies.
Some of the needs for advanced hypnotherapy training are as follows:
- Improve standards and service to the public.
- Engage newly qualified hypnotherapists with quality CPD and to see its value.
- Invigorate and inform the practice of experienced practitioners.
- Encourage higher level, academic and critical thinking.
- Instil the importance of better quality reflective practice.
- Promote new perspectives, build a diversity of approaches.
- Properly understand the the evidence base of the field of hypnotherapy.
- Know the literature well – it underpins our practical skills and advances them in turn.
- To become a more successful hypnotherapist whose clients derive greater gains and successful benefits.
Hypnotherapists are not the only ones who benefit from this, by becoming better at what they do, they get to raise the standards of the field in general terms, this is good for us all because the perception of the public becomes better and rosier and it is better for clients who derive more gain, more professionalism, better results.
The raison d’être of an advanced hypnotherapy training programme is to offer the hypnotherapist a clear advancement on the original hypnotherapy training. It needs to be substantive, wholly distinctive and healthily challenging, not simply offering ‘more of the same’ that was taught on an initial diploma course. it provides new knowledge, new skills, new philosophies, new approaches, new techniques and encourages a considered, respectful and healthily critical exploration of hypnotherapy research.


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The Unity Principal
(Jennie Kitching)
Location: Distance Learning

Ref No: 2676
Advanced Practitioner Course
The course can be started at any time.
Your Investment in becoming Advanced £1,500
Become an Advanced Practitioner and enjoy promoting your skills and the Profession of Hypnotherapy.
The way forward: UNITY ADVANCED PRACTITIONER course is approved by the GHR for both in class and online delivery. Unity is only one of 7 schools in the world that is approved to offer advanced training and if you complete the Advanced Practitioner course you will be one of only a handful of hypnotists in the world who can use the status of Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy ( AdvDipH ) after your name. For those registrants who have been qualified for two years or more, you can be listed on the GHR website as an Advanced Practitioner (ADPR) too.
If you are wondering about signing up right now on the Advanced Practitioner Course here are some frequently asked questions :)
When can I start? You can start right now. The course is a rolling self paced course so you can complete it as fast or slow as you like in your own home provided that you complete the course within 12 months.
Is there support? Yes, you will be joining the thriving social media group "Helpful Hypnotists" where we all support each other constantly. Yes we offer email, text and Skype and telephone support where you can ask questions and we give you practical support. We also have social evenings :)
Can I pay in monthly instalments? Yes. The monthly instalment plan works out at £2.19 per day for twelve months.
It is essential that each participant has successfully completed the Practitioner Diploma (and by personal attendance) prior to undertaking the Advanced Diploma in order to be eligible for Advanced status within the GHR when you apply for registration. Unity's aim is for all GHR registrants to achieve Advanced status so that we can all enhance the Profession, enjoying all the professional benefits that this gives.
The Advanced Practitioner course can be started at any time. Support is available through a study group which is led by Jennie and we also provide email & phone support. Pay in advance or monthly payment plans available at just £2.19 per day.
About the Advanced Diploma:
The Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy is a substantial in depth course taking your practice to the next level.
It encourages academic, critical and reflective thinking on your practice, learning and ethics.
It provides a clear advancement on your initial hypnotherapy training and experience enhancing your knowledge, skills and techniques. It also actively encourages a considered and critical approach to hypnotherapy research and theories.
The Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy offered by Unity has been Assessed and Validated at Advanced Practitioner Level by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK). Completion of the course leads to the Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy giving the letters AdvDipH after your name. Graduates from this course (who have already qualified at Practitioner status via a course validated by the GHSC at Practitioner Level) are eligible for professional registration with the General Hypnotherapy Register (the GHSC’s Registering Agency) at Advanced Practitioner Level, provided that they have been in Practice for at least two years. This will additionally give the letters ADPR after your name.
Applicants for this advanced course must have received a substantial amount of live training as required for professional membership. They must already be fully conversant with inducing, deepening, maintaining and disengaging trance, hypnotic and posthypnotic suggestions. They are likely to be practicing hypnotherapists who want to improve and enhance their skills for the benefits of their clients or practitioners who may have had time away from the profession who wish to re-engage with their learning.
The advanced diploma in hypnotherapy will improve your knowledge and techniques and develop your critical and analytical thinking skills. It will also show you how to maximise success, deal with awkward situations/clients, expand your questioning techniques and develop you as a reflective practitioner.
About the manual:
First Published in 2014 …..under continuous review
The GHSC reserves the right to randomly sample homework portfolios from accredited schools to check standards of student work and tutor feedback.


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The Oxford School of
(Reena Biswas)
Distance Learning


1. Each CPD course requires the student to complete a homework assignment after studying the course notes. This typically consists of an analysis of a hypothetical case study.
2. The study hours are to be used as a guideline, and are in addition to the time required for completing the homework assignment.
3. Students should only enrol on a CPD course if the topic has not already been included on their practitioner level course.
4. Maximum time allowed for completion and submission of a homework assignment is one year, in order to receive a certificate.
5. Email/WhatsApp support is available to students enrolling on any of the listed online CPD courses.
6. The course notes are comprehensive, and there are no accompanying CDs or mandatory reading lists.

7. I am available for teaching CPD courses on behalf of other training schools and to groups.

8. Refunds are not available for online courses. Even if the document is emailed back, deleted and the Recycle Bin emptied, it remains on the hard drive of the computer, and can be accessed at any time, by anyone.
9. Prospective students are advised that they read the CPD course summaries, and ask questions or seek clarification, and only enrol on a course when they are fully satisfied that it would be suitable for them.

10. All CPD course notes are comprehensive and self-explanatory. However, students enrolling on a CPD course have the option of an extra hour on ZOOM for an additional £20. This is not mandatory.


Ref No: 1008
Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy
£850 (Payment options available)
The Course:
The Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy is a clear advancement on initial training, providing new knowledge, skills and techniques. The aim of the course is to provide a ‘vertically advanced’ level of training, taking the style of thinking of the practitioner to a higher level, encouraging critical and reflective thinking
The Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy offered by the Oxford School of Hypnosis has been Assessed and Validated at Advanced Practitioner Level by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK). Graduates from this course (who have already qualified at Practitioner status via a course either validated by the GHSC at Practitioner Level or its equivalent) are eligible for professional registration with the General Hypnotherapy Register (the GHSC’s Registering Agency) at Advanced Practitioner Level.
Some features:
* The course is offered in a distance learning format, enabling you to commence studies at any time.
* There is no final exam, as the assessment is ongoing in the form of homework assignments at the end of each module.
* You will be entitled to upgrade your registration with the GHR to Advanced Practitioner level, provided you are already registered at Practitioner level.
* Some of the advanced techniques and applications will enable you to specialise in certain areas.
* There are no practical sessions to attend, and ongoing support is available via email, Skype and telephone.
* Eligibility: A qualification in hypnotherapy at practitioner level.
Module One:

Hypnosis and Neuroscience

Models of Hypnosis:
* State Model

* Special State or Special Process Models (Theory of Dissociated Control; Neo-dissociation theory)
* Social & Cognitive Models (non-state theories)
* Altered consciousness model
* Ericksonian/utilisation model
* Psychoanalytic model
Module Two: Practical considerations:
* Factors that facilitate or impede change
* Advanced questioning
* Handling awkward situations and questions
Module Three: Advanced Techniques:
Students are required to select 4 out of the following 7 techniques:
* Advanced abreactive techniques
* Hypnotic regression using the Affect Bridge technique
* Parts therapy for deep inner change
* Hypnotherapy techniques with children
* Hypno-coaching
* Past life regression
* Transpersonal approach to hypnotherapy
Module Four: Advanced Applications:
Students are required to select 4 out of the following 7 applications:
* Hypnotherapeutic approaches with children
* Sports hypnosis
* Hypnotic weight loss surgery (virtual gastric band and virtual gastric bypass)
* Meditative hypnosis
* Hypnotherapy for cancer patients
* Hypno-coaching for fertility
* Workplace hypnosis
Module Five: Ethics and Research:
* Section One: Academic skills and critical thinking
* Section Two: Social science research methods
* Section Three: Advanced ethical considerations and debates in clinical practice
Module Six: Professional Development:

* Clean Language in Hypnosis
* Growing as a hypnotherapist
* Getting the best from supervision
* Self-care for the practitioner through self-hypnosis and mindfulness
* Rapid and brief inductions
Home work requirements:
Each module has a homework assignment based on the content of the module. There are between 3 and 7 questions in each assignment.
Learning outcomes:
The aim of the homework assignments is to meet the following learning outcomes (a copy with a worked example will be provided):
* Advanced clinical knowledge and skills
* Theory and its application
* Academic thinking and argumentation
* Ethics
* Research methods
* Professional Development
The maximum time allowed for completion of the course is 18 months.
Modules 1,2, 5 and 6 each require 25 - 30 hours of study. Modules 3 and 4 require 40 - 50 hours each.
A copy of the full prospectus is available on request.


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