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RKS Paradigm Shift

(Kay Nishimura)
Location: Central London

Ref No: 824
Jikiden Reiki Handdown Workshop (Usui Reiki with Direct Lineage)
Date: Book a private session - one evening and one day (9 hours approx.) Contact us
Fee: £553 Seminar & Workshop- including the text book and an official English and Japanese certificates.
Reiki is famous world-wide therapy. Jikiden Reiki is the original Reiki with Direct Lineage from Mr. Usui, which maintains the original healing method and its power without any modification by lineage successors and practitioners. This original healing, Jikiden Reiki, retains the powerful healing energy to work on mental and physical dysfunctions and illnesses as it can flow the pure and original Reiki energy.
After World War II, this Jikiden Reiki healing spread rapidly across Japan as people who were wounded, injured and burned severely by bombs and attacks, desperately wanted to be healed, and needed to be healed. They found out that Jikiden Reiki was powerfully and fully healing them.
From these experiences, Jikiden Reiki was verified as a powerful and effective healing.
You can heal yourself and others by “hands on” healing. This workshop does not only teach you healing techniques, but also teaches why Mr. Usui established Jikiden Reiki. It teaches you its virtues and you will also learn how to heal others along with how to become a quality and effective practitioner. Reiki Healing is more effective and works better if practitioners are not egoistical but can flow pure and original energy, and have high compassion and virtues.
Would you like to become a real healer to heal others effectively?
For Western Reiki practitioners, Jikiden Reiki is highly recommended as it has the powerful direct lineage of Reiki found by Mr. Usui. You will be handed down how to flow the energy, and also receive Reiki initiation (Reiju) in order to become connected to this energy and flow it. Additionally, you will learn practical methods of how to heal others.
Upon completion, you will be certified and will receive a practitioner certificate.
(We will teach you the Part 1/Zenki)
Jikiden Reiki Workshop and Initiation includes all of the below concepts...
Seminar Content:
* What Jikiden Reiki is (Usui Reiki)
* Usui Reiki
* Hayashi Reiki
* History of Jikiden Reiki
* “Satori” (Ultimate Divine Inspiration) of Mr. Usui
* Meaning of Reiki characters
* Meaning of the five Rules (“Gokai”), Their Ritual
* Initiation (“Reiju”)
* Reiki energy Circulation experience
* Reiki Hands on practice
* How to get connected with Reiki energy and flow it.
* What “lump of toxin” is (“Byosen”)
* Hand down of “Shirushi” (Symbol)
* Energy Circulation Cleaning Method
* Hand positioning
* Policy of Reiki
* And MORE!
In addition to the above:
Practical Workshop part: How to flow the energy and heal others as a practitioner
* Practical tips and advice to heal others
* How to maintain your energy as a professional Reiki healer
* Mental attitude as a good Reiki healer and what to do
* How to scan and detect energy blocks and stuck energies using your full perceptions
* How to get guidance from the Higher Dimension to practice effective healing
* Basic protection of how to protect you from not being affected by negative energies and entities
* Explanation of Jikiden Reiki’s Hands positioning within the healing energy
* Basic meditation to purify your own energy daily
* Hands on Healing Practice
Advance Booking and payment are essential.
Pre-requisite - Basic and Intermediate levels of the Healer & Psychic Training Foundaction Course.

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