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The Hypnotherapy Academy
(Holly Wincote)

Your trainer Holly Wincote is a qualified trainer and therapist, for Hypnotherapy, Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) and NLP with her own busy private practice working with clients and over 25 years combined hypnotherapy and training experience. Courses are designed and delivered to encompass different learning styles which ensure they are engaging as well as fun and that all delegates gain maximum benefit.

Ref No: 2616
Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Performance Enhancement - (CHPE)
LIVE ZOOM WORKSHOP – 1 day course: 7 hours CPD
16 April 2023, 9.30am to 4.30pm OR
15 October 2023, 9.30am to 4.30pm
This one day CPD course is suitable for qualified and trainee hypnotherapists, as well as other practitioners with experience using hypnosis. Learn the skills to help you gain further knowledge in Hypnotherapy for Performance Enhancement and work effectively and confidently with clients. The day includes demonstrations and exercises to practice the techniques taught, as well as an emailed Course Workbook with powerpoint slides, Course Manual containing everything taught on the day, plus scripts to use with clients:-
•How Hypnotherapy can be used to Enhance Performance
•Business, Sports, Music and Academic
•The Winning Mindset
•Identifying and Removing Limiting Beliefs
•Cognitions and Behaviours
•Other Influencing Factors
•Pain, Injury and Recovery
•Hypnotherapy Inductions and Scripts
•Coaching Methods
•NLP Techniques
•Example Session Formats

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Pebbles Hypnotherapy
(Helen Breward)
Location: Distance Learning

Ref No: 2360
Confident Me DLP by Helen Breward
Distance Learning
Special Price £67
On a scale of 1 to 10, how high is your confidence? This is often a question I ask clients. So, out of curiosity just ask yourself what your number is.
I have found over the years, with probably 99% of client’s, confidence is usually low and needs a boost in some way. Some clients come for sessions solely focused on improving their confidence because it is stopping them being who they want to be, affecting their life or career in some way that has become unacceptable to them.
As you probably already know, confidence is one of our foundations as a person that can affect our lives in many ways. Having good tools and methods to use with these clients can make a massive difference to them.
Knowing how to help and having resources to hand has been invaluable over the years. This is why I have created a programme focussed raising confidence.
The course contains
Confident Me Manual
Background Information (What is confidence, comfort zone, self-esteem & self-image)
How to handle that initial enquiry
Scripts for 3 sessions
CPD Certificate
1 hour video call with Helen Breward
As always, I want to help you help your clients to raise their confidence, so that they can have the life they want & deserve. So, with that in mind, this downloadable distance learning course is on offer for GHR members for the special price of £67. Confident Me, working with confidence is available on my website for £127. Take advantage of this while you can.


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Hypnotherapy & Holistic Health
(Ann Bowditch)

Location: Distance Learning 

Ref No: 2957
Hypnotherapy CPD for Sports Performance
Distance Learning
I ran my first half marathon at 12 years of age. I also played hockey and ran for my Island. I have competed in 3 Commonwealth Games and was 3 times UK National Hill Climb Champion in the sport of cycling. Sport has been a huge part of my life for over 35 years.
My knowledge of sport has also helped me to understand my sports performance clients well. As with anything, experience counts for a lot.
In this Course, I have included 10 scripts and explained how these can be personalised for use with your clients. The course includes a number of tips, techniques and guidance on how to approach the individual challenges your sporting client is facing. I have also included my ‘sports preparation’ simple tapping (EFT) technique.
Preparation for your first client session – their sport.
Understanding you client – the competitor.
All important first client session – questions to ask, what you might expect to come across.
Getting ‘in the zone’
Personal barriers to success.
Overtraining and the impact it can have
Setting goals for success
Using the breath
Techniques for releasing poor performances
Dealing with distractions
Setting positive anchors
Stress and Performance
EFT Tapping for Performance
Play like your idol
Inner voice
This CPD course includes 10 scripts
CPD: 8 Hours


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